Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

Gold’s Gym employs franchise and also on corporate locations, therefore the gold gym cancel membership terms would vary depending on gym location.

Gold’s Gym Membership Cancellation

There are different processes for gold”s gym membership cancellation. A member can go through any of the methods mentioned below to proceed with the measures to cancel gold’s gym membership.

1. Cancel Gold Gym Membership Through The Gym Representatives Present At The Particular Location

Details of which you will need to produce before the representative present therein.

  • Full name of the member of gold’s gym.
  • Address where the member resides.
  • The email address of the member associated with goldy’s gym.
  • All billing elements achieved through the gym.
  • Contact number allied with goldy’s gym.
  • The number issued at the time of registration by gold’s gym to each individual.

Go to the gym location where you first signed in.

  • Solicit the agent for a cancellation form.
  • Provide credentials with data to obtain your information.
  • Next, carefully follow all the instructions as given by the gold’s gym representative, to confirm the cancellation of your gold’s gym membership.

2. Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership By Mail

List of details you need to furnish while writing the Mail:

  • Name of the member associated with gold’s gym.
  • Member personal address used when signed up.
  • The last four digits of credit card, through which membership payments are carried out.
  • The last four digits of the driver’s license card.
  • Date of birth.
  • Membership number issued by gold’s gym.
  • Address of the location of the gym.
  • Reason for cancellation.

To proceed further with the cancel process, write a letter on the subject of gold’s gym membership cancellation by making a request containing all the details listed above.

Finally, you can mail the letter to the address provided by gold’s gym.

Then follow up for at least 1-2 weeks in order to confirm your cancellation.

3. Gold’s Gym Membership Cancellation By Phone Number

Every gold’ gym has its own specific number issued for members to ease and comfort of handling any queries regarding issues related to the gym. To obtain a number you have to visit the nearby gold’s gym or search through the online phone dictionary where you reside.

Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Online

It is to be noted that you cannot cancel gold’s gym membership online. Gold’s gym membership can be canceled only by email or phone.

Gold’s Gym Membership Cancellation Fee

Gold’s gym has a cancellation policy of its own. If you like to end the membership, you typically need to cancel your membership at least 30 days before you opt for your cancellation. You need to pay a cancellation fee if you are within the contract, gold’s gym cancels membership fee may reach up to $90.

Cancel Gold Gym Membership Via ABC Financial

How To cancel Gold gym membership that is billed through ABC financial can be a bit complicated, so you are advised to make direct contact with the gym either through phone or email including the below-described information:

1). The address or location of the health club or gym.

2). Name registered with gold’s gym.

3). Your Address on the file.

4). Your Contact number in the file.

5). Your Birth Date.

6). Your Email.

7). The reason for your membership cancellation.

8). Your Bank account number linked with gold’s gym.

9). The last four digits of the security number.

10). The last four digits of the security number.

You can also email the signed cancellation letter to contact the ABC financial customer care

How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Through DoNotPay

The gold’s gym membership cancellation request may seem much difficult to proceed. It may take forever for you to come up with a reasonable request to accomplish the cancellation of membership with gold’s gym. Gold’s gym may also keep you charging under cautious reasons, even if you do all the things in a correct manner. And to resolve these hazardous and complicated cancellation processes, that’s when DoNotPay comes up to help in the gold’s gym membership cancellation procedure even less than two to three minutes.

Here Is The Method On How To Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership Using DoNotPay

First, visit your preferred web browser or you can even download the app into your Apple device.

Then tap or select on the option ‘Find Hidden Money.’

Now enter as ‘Gym Gold’ the service which you are looking to cancel.

As soon as the gold’s gym subscription gets cancelled, an email as a sign of confirmation will be sent to you on your registered email ID.

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