Cancel Planet Fitness Membership: Step-by-Step Guide

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Planet Fitness is an outstanding health club platform in the United States. It possesses a variety of equipment, and facilities have large areas and deliver group classes. All these faculties tempt people to go work out in the fitness center.

Although it has so many facilities, there might come a time when you may need to cancel your Planet Fitness membership. So if you are one of the members looking to cancel Planet Fitness then you just halted at the correct page.

Through this blog, we shall guide you on ‘How to cancel your Planet Fitness membership’. Thereby read carefully this page till the end below.

Cancellation Fees Of Planet Fitness membership

When canceling the subscription abruptly, you may be required to pay the Planet Fitness cancellation fee. Listed below are some of the scenarios where you may get charged:-

  • If the subscription comprises the agreement of 12 months and it has not yet been over, then you may buy out of the contract at $58.
  • The time of canceling the subscription may influence whether there will be a cancellation fee or not. Canceling the Planet Fitness subscription just 7 days before, the due date of payment means you won’t be charged. Whereas on the other side if the end date is far from the date of cancellation, then you may most probably get charged the cancellation fee.

How to cancel gym membership Planet Fitness on Your Own

Although the Planet Fitness cancellation policy varies from club to club, yet, there are generally two methods available to cancel the subscription that the club prefers.

Each of these has been discussed below.

How to cancel Planet Fitness membership online

If you are searching on ‘How to cancel Planet Fitness membership on App or Online’, you must know that Planet Fitness does not provide an online option to cancel the subscription via online mode. But you can follow any of the alternatives stated here.

How to cancel my Planet Fitness membership In-person

The steps we must perform to cancel my Planet Fitness membership are:-

  1. Firstly, visit the nearby Planet Fitness clubhouse.
  2. Go directly to the front desk agent and ask about the Planet Fitness cancellation form.
  3. After that, fill out the form with relevant details in the appropriate field and submit it to the agent.
  4. Make sure to ask about getting the confirmation mail, when the subscription has been canceled successfully.

How to perform Planet Fitness cancel membership letter method i.e cancel through mail

The steps included are:-

  1. Compose the Planet Fitness cancellation letter, making a plea to Planet Fitness to cancel the membership.
  2. Provide these additional details along with the mail:
    • Member’s full name
    • Birthdate
    • Address
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number
    • The last four numbers of the credit card
    • The ID number of the Planet Fitness card.
  3. Put the signature on the letter.
  4. After that send the composed letter via certified mail to the respective address of the gym. Wait for the reply.

Note:- In case you do not obtain any reply or response from the club within a week, then you can dial the Planet Fitness phone number to ensure they got the letter. If they find any issue with the certified letter, visiting the club and talking with the representative is necessary.

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