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On booking a flight ticket in Delta and if required to cancel then you need to have an idea of the conditions of the cancellation policy for Delta Airlines.

This article will help you to understand and clear doubts related to Delta Airlines’ cancellation policy and also the terms under which one can be eligible for full refunds.

Read ahead to understand in detail the 24-hour cancellation policy of Delta Airlines, Delta Airlines cancel flight refund, cancellation fee, and how to avoid it.

Conditions on Delta Airlines ticket cancellation refund in full

Delta Airlines’ flight cancellation policy enables its customers to cancel tickets and thereby claim a full refund only:

  • If the ticket of any type has been purchased directly from the Delta website and the cancellation is made within 24 hrs from booking.
  • If Delta Airlines cancels the flight.
  • Delta Airlines delayed the flight by more than Ninety minutes.
  • When customers have purchased a refundable fare ticket.
  • If a customer or the travel partner dies and can be proved.

Delta Airlines cancellation policy 24 hours

According to Airline 24 hour cancellation policy Delta, it is applied to all the flight tickets that are purchased from the Delta Airlines website.

Under Delta Airline 24 hour cancellation policy, passengers can cancel the booked flight within 24 hours of its booking period regardless of the fare type.

Delta Airlines Covid Cancellation policy

Delta Airlines cancellation policy Covid adds relaxation to the customers during Covid-19 journey waiver time which expires on April 30, 2021.

If tickets have been purchased on or before 30th April 2021, then:

  • Customers can cancel the flight ticket before the departure time.
  • As They can tour anytime till 31st December 2022.
  • Once the ticket has been canceled, an eCredit will be sent to you on the full value of the ticket.
  • Passengers can employ the eCredit so as to rebook the new flight by 31 December 2022. If not done within the given time, the eCredit will expire.

Note: Ticket cancellation under COVID-19 travel waiver, the passenger will not get authorized for a credit card or full cash refund but will obtain a Delta credit which can be employed in the future.

Delta Airlines ticket cancellation policy

The policy depends on the ticket type purchased by the customer and the time to cancel. The type of tickets include:

Basic Economy ticket: This is the most restrictive form.

Non-Refundable ticket: Have limited restrictions.

Refundable ticket: This is the most flexible one.

You need to cancel the ticket before the departure of the flight.

How to cancel Delta Airlines flight

The method that the airlines can employ are:

i. Through Phone:

  • Dial the Delta Airlines customer phone number at +1-844-903-1897
  • Talk to the representative to cancel the flight ticket.
  • Ask for a refund if eligible.

ii. Via Delta Airlines website

If the ticket has been purchased from the Delta website directly (website, call center, sales office, or through the app), then one can cancel the ticket online as illustrated below:

  1. Firstly, go to
  2. Select on ‘My Trips’ section
  3. Fill in the relevant details such as Ticket number, confirmation number, debit or credit card number, and the full name of the passenger
  4. Tap on the ‘Search’ option
  5. Choose the flight that you desire to cancel
  6. Hit on the ‘Modify Flight’ tab
  7. Click the button on ‘Start Flight Cancellation’
  8. At last, follow the prompts on your screen to complete the process of flight cancellation.

Delta Airlines cancellation policy fee

The airline’s fee on cancellation will be based on the itinerary yet it normally varies from 200 USD to 500 USD. The Delta Airlines cancellation fee may change and is reflected on the ticket under the Fare Rules section.

Once the cancellation has been done, the remaining balance (if there is any) will be processed to you in an eCredit form according to the applied terms and conditions on the purchased ticket.

Therefore, by now we assume that you have got an idea of Delta Airlines’ cancellation and refund policy. In case you need any sort of help, then you can contact the Customer service representative for help.

(FAQ) Delta Ticket Cancellation

Do Delta Airlines refund for schedule changes or delays?

You are authorized to a refund on the Delta flight tickets in certain conditions, even if the fare you purchased is non-refundable:
If Delta changes your registered flight by more than 90 minutes
If flights are canceled, diverted, or delayed for 90 minutes or more.
You must request a refund from Delta or else it will try to organize another ticket for the next available flight

Do delta refund those who get kicked off the flight?

In the given circumstances Delta refuses to allow a passenger to fly on their plane, they will NOT attempt to re-book the passenger, but he/she is entitled to a refund of the unused portion of the fare.
● Decline to permit a search of person or property for explosives or weapons
● Reject to provide proof of identity
● Do not possess the right documents for international travel
● Are violent, abusive, intoxicated, or barefoot
● Have a stinking condition
● Is offensive or annoying to other passengers

Can I cancel a ticket purchased through a third party?

Delta charges a $50 external ticket handling fee for tickets issued by third parties like online travel agencies and other airlines.
You can cancel the tickets online by using the confirmation number or record locator number you were given, or contact the travel agency or airline by phone and inquire about cancellation costs and protocols.

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