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SiriusXM service now has been recognized as one of the popular satellites which work in emphasizing the radio service.

SiriusXM radio is employed in vehicles as well as Online. SiriusXM procures the listener with a long list of channels along with a vast span of genres. In most of the vehicles, SiriusXM remains

pre-installed but it is seen among some of the listeners that they wish to cancel the SiriusXM so that they can avoid charges when not in use. They look for various ways and techniques to cancel the subscription on SiriusXM and thus become puzzled. So in order to reduce your confusion here, we bring to you ‘Can I cancel my SiriusXM subscription?’ and questions like ‘How do I cancel my SiriusXM subscription?’ The methods through which you can cancel a SiriusXM subscription can be through phone, live chat with the service, and online mode.

Give a glance thoroughly at the different methods described in detail on how you cancel a SiriusXM radio service subscription.

How To Cancel SiriusXM Radio Service Subscription

A time comes when listeners feel as if they do not need the SiriusXM Radio service anymore or sometimes they get another service in the vehicle. So in canceling the SiriusXM Radio subscription, you require to make contact with the customer service helpdesk.

There You Will Find Three Ways To Cancel your SiriusXM Subscription

  1. Cancel your SiriusXM radio subscription online through the company’s official website.
  2. While using SiriusXM radio service through satellite, then you need to cancel it via phone.
  3. To make a live chat with the customer assistance of SiriusXM Radio service.

Note: To cancel SiriusXM through email is unavailable.

1. How To Cancel SiriusXM Radio Subscription Online

A listener can cancel their SiriusXM radio service online and here is how the online cancellation process on SiriusXM radio subscription proceeds:

  • From your preferred browsing site go to their official website.
  • Then get logged in to the account.
  • Now, at the top right of the home screen look for the ‘Manage Your Account’ tab.
  • Tap on it so that the tab opens up.
  • Next, select the option of ‘Change Billing Info.’
  • Then tap on the ‘Cancel Service’ option.

2. How To Cancel Subscription On SiriusXM Radio Service Through Satellite Via Talking In Phone

How To cancel a SiriusXM satellite radio subscription, you need to talk directly to a live agent serving as the SiriusXM customer service agent. To make a contact you can dial @1-866-635-2349.

The customer service representatives are not available every time but have a specific time schedule such as you can get them on weekdays from Monday to Friday time 8 am till 10 pm and are also available on weekends on Saturday and Sunday time 8 am till 8 pm.

3. How To Cancel SiriusXM Through making A Live Chat With The Customer Support Service

If you wish to cancel your subscription to SiriusXM radio service through a live chat with the customer support agent, then it will be better to visit the website of SiriusXM and click on the option of ‘Need Help Window’ situated on the right side at the bottom of the screen.

How To Cancel SiriusXM Subscription Via DoNotPay App

One more method to cancel the SiriusXM radio service subscription online is through the DoNotPay app. It comes up with a much better and more convenient way to cancel SiriusXM radio service accounts for its listeners. DoNotPay takes only a few couples of minutes to make a cancellation and even allows the procedure to carry on on your smartphone device.

Follow The Below-Mentioned Steps Carefully

  1. Firstly, through any web browsing site visit and open the DoNotPay App or you can even download the iOS version of this App in the Apple Store on your iOS device.
  2. Now, select the option on ‘Find Hidden Money.’
  3. Then enter the name as ‘SiriusXM’ service that you are looking for to cancel the subscription.
  4. This app will then help you to cancel your SiriusXM radio service.

As soon as your subscription gets canceled, a confirmation mail will be sent to you from the site when the process gets completed.

Thus, from the above-mentioned methods, one can easily go for the cancellation of the SiriusXM radio service subscription without any trouble.

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