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Assurant Cancel Policy

Assurant Inc is an Insurance policy company that is established in New York. Assurant is also known as the Assurant Renters which provides global management with a variety of insurance plans in areas like casualty insurance, property insurance, extends the protection for the device, etc. Its headquarters are in New York City and is one of the Western assurance cancellation policy.

Assurant was known as Fortis Inc. It was turned from a Dutch and Belgian firm in 2004. It provided health assurance products until 2015. But after that, it focused on the accommodation and lifestyle insurance products. Assurant put its priority on the three departments, accommodation which deals with mortgages, multi-family insurance for housing, and lifestyle which proposes mobile gadgets protection and extends the warranty commodity for credit offerings, vehicle, electronics and planning prior to death which gives annuities and pre-funded funeral policies.

But if you want to cancel your membership on Assurant policy then you can look into this article on ‘How to cancel Assurant policy’.

Assurant Cancel Health Policy

It provides health assurance to the members who subscribed to it. When you no longer want to continue with the services received you can cancel your health policy. You cannot cancel the Assurant policy via sending an email or by delivering a letter, visiting in person and there is no online method available for the Assurant policy cancellation.

But the only way by which you can cancel your Assurant policy is described below:

Cancellation of Assurant policy through the phone

How To Cancel Assurant Policy Through The Phone

For the Assurant policy to cancel you can directly connect over the phone by dialing the Assurant renters insurance cancel policy phone number. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. First, you have to get connected with the executive of Assurant for cancellation. Reach to the Assurant policy cancel contact number given as 1-888-260-7736.
  2. Then tap on the number 5 option.
  3. After connecting your call, you will be asked to provide the full details of your account. You have to provide information such as:
    • Your name in full.
    • The username used while signing up.
    • Similarly your password.
    • Your Mail address.
    • Your address of billing.
    • The policy number you received.
    • Last charge amount you paid
    • Date of payment of your last charge
    • Your credit card lasts 4 digits.
    • And then Inquire the executive to cancel the Assurant policy
  4. After cancellation of the policy, you ask them to pay back the payment.
  5. You will receive a verification mail by confirming that the account is being closed.

How To Cancel My Assurant Policy With The Help Of DoNotPay App

We can cancel our Assurant policy by calling the customer care but it may seem to take time to connect your call to the agent thus creating headaches. So, there is a way to get your cancellation done in a faster way. The DoNotPay app can give us a faster process on the cancellation policy.

Thereby for my Assurant policy to cancel here are the following few steps that we need to follow-

  • Firstly, download the app from the Apple Store for iOS users or search the app in the browser you prefer from your device.
  • Then click the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab.
  • Fill in the blank bar ‘Assurant’ as the name of the service that you no longer want to use and wish to cancel.
  • A verification mail will be delivered to you confirming the cancellation of the account.

The DoNotPay app makes your work easier and hassle-free. It does not keep you on hold waiting for the call to connect thus consuming less time in the western assurance cancellation policy.

Assurant Cancel Policy Refund

When it comes to your mind on how to cancel the Assurant policy and if there is any refund, then you can proceed without hesitation. In the above discussion, we discussed the cancellation methods that are available for the members. After requesting to cancel the Assurant policy you can ask for a refund. In that case, you will receive the amount back for the duration you haven’t used. And thereby you will receive a refund.

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