KLM Flight Cancellation Policy

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Before heading towards the cancel procedure it’s very important to have a thorough idea of the Airline’s cancellation policy.

This article will include all the details on the KLM cancellation policy related to the modification done on the KLM cancellation policy Covid, KLM flight cancellation fee, and so on.

KLM Airlines Cancellation Policy

Under this policy, the passengers can cancel the flight booked on KLM and even get the refund (without being charged as the cancellation fee) under the following criteria:

  • Cancellation of flight tickets from or to the United States within 24 hours of buying the ticket, in addition, the booking has been done through the online method on the website of KLM. It will be applied to all ticket types.
  • Airlines canceled flights but you do not wish to get the provided alternative flight for travel.
  • Rescheduling of KLM flight but it doesn’t suit the passenger.
  • If the conditions on the ticket enable the customer to opt for the refund ( on holding the full flexible fare ticket of any form of travel class).
  • You have canceled the flight to Europe as it might be delayed more than ninety minutes and the flight was booked on the same day itself.
  • Canceling the intercontinental flight which has been delayed more than three hours.
  • Death of passenger.
  • Visa denied.
  • Denied to board a confirmed ticket.

Note: In case tickets are purchased from a third party like from a travel website or travel agent, then you need to contact the team directly in order to cancel and refund the ticket.

KLM Cancellation policy 24 hours

The KLM 24 hour cancellation policy is applied to all the flights from and to the U.S. It is compiled with the policy on United States Department of Transportations for the flights which are traveling from/to the U.S.

As per this policy, customers will be eligible for full refund if the passenger:

  • Book flight from/to the U.S
  • Booking is done online via the KLM.us website
  • Canceling the flight within 24 hours from purchasing the ticket

How do you cancel KLM Flight Reservations

According to the KLM ticket cancellation policy, it will permit to cancellation flights online which is directly booked through the official website of KLM, ticket office, or mobile app, and to request a refund. All the flights will be canceled on the booking.

Once you cancel the reservation on the flight, a confirmation email will be sent to you. The amount to be refunded will get credited to your account which is employed at the time of purchasing the ticket or it may be converted to a flight voucher for the future trip, which will depend on the type of fare and the cancellation time.

KLM Cancellation Refund Policy

Under the KLM Airlines flight cancellation policy, the full flexible tickets are allowed to be canceled and are eligible for a refund without any fee.

The policy permits to receive a full refund under the stated situations: Flight has been canceled, Flight gets rescheduled, Cancellation is done within 24 hours from the initial booking hour, etc.

KLM Ticket cancellation fee

According to KLM Airline cancellation policy, upon canceling the refundable flight on KLM, will charge you nothing if the cancellation is done before the time of departure.

The KLM cancellation fee on other ticket fares will be stated on the ticket and it will also depend on the type of fare, date of travel, and the route.

Hope you locate this article to be helpful at the time of canceling the KLM flight ticket reservation as stated on its cancellation policy.