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Finding ways to cancel the Animal Friends Pet Insurance, here on this page we will be guiding you with the cancellation norms and policy.

Animal Friends Insurance for your pets because they are also part of your family. It covers pet welfare and health and also provides essential assistance. If the pet falls sick and loses its life in any accident you can recover the amount that you insured.

But what if you do not wish to keep the subscription and then opt for Animal Friends Pet Insurance Cancellation Policy?

What is the policy of Animal Friends Pet Insurance:

Different types of policies for cats and dogs.

Here the policy includes Accident Only where if your pet sustains injuries can be treated using the insurance policy.

Other policies like Lifetime, Max Benefit and Time Limited include illness, conditions and injuries also include benefits on being stolen or missing or if someone is injured by your pet and damages other properties.

There are different levels of insurance coverage for different pets which you can go through on the website.

How to Cancel Animal Friends Pet Insurance:

If you have renewed the insurance policy but decide to cancel the policy then request in 14 days after you receive the document and there is no claiming from the company’s part then a refund will be allotted in full.

In case you fail to cancel after exceeding 14 days but the company did not claim than a refund will be approved for the time left on the policy. You need to pay a fee in order to get a refund.

No VAT is required to be paid on insurance. Government taxes the General insurance which is termed as Insurance Premium Tax. The insurance on pets is secured at a 12% standard rate.

Once you insure your pet, the security level of the bank is strict which prohibits other users to get through your information.

If still you do not find the Pet Insurance appropriate then opt out of the subscription within the given time.

What are the canceling Methods for Animal Friends Pet Insurance:

The following ways included to cancel Pet Insurance Animal Friends are as follows:-

  1. Dial 0344 557 0300 to reach the customer team for assistance. Request to guide you to cancel the service. Provide proper reasons so that they can help you to complete the cancellation procedure as soon as possible.
  2. The other option is through Live Chat. In case no executive answers your call or takes much time to reply then try Live Chat on the site. This might take 24 to 48 hours to get a reply.
  3. You can also write your message to cancel the Animal Pet Insurance and send it to the address:
    • Animal Friends Insurance
    • No.1 The Cresent,
    • Solstice Park,
    • Amesbury,
    • SP4 7QA

You need to be patient to receive a reply from the executives and this might take time to get the resolutions. Once they reach you they will be eager to help you with your issues.

I Hope, going through the article you will be able to cancel the Pet Insurance on Animal Friends.

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