How To Cancel 247sports Membership

How To Cancel 247sports Membership

Want suggestions on canceling the 247sports subscription? We would advise you take help from this blog as it includes all the essential details for canceling 247sports membership

247sports, consisting of a chain of squad sites assigned to college sports, is a leader in the recruitment content.

It delivers both premium and free content to its most enthusiastic sports fans along with online communities. 247sports is part of CBS Interactive’s multiple platform assistance.

How To Cancel 247sports Membership

In order to cancel a 247sports subscription, the methods that one can procure have been started below.

  • To cancel over the Phone:

Here are the steps required to cancel the subscription on 247sports:

Call at 888-508-3055

Hold for a while for the agent to respond back.

Next, ask to cancel the subscription.

Provide the essential details of the account if asked by the agent.

Also remember to ask for a confirmation email on successful cancellation.

Note: According to 247sports ‘Terms of Service’ members can reach out to the Customer Support team on weekdays Monday to Friday between 9a.m to 5p.m CST excluding the national holidays when it comes to canceling subscriptions.

  • By sending an Email:

The steps for 247sports to cancel a subscription through an Email are:

Write an email requesting to cancel the subscription.

Furnish the relevant details related to the 247sports account such as the username and email address etc.

Then forward the email to and ensure to send it at least prior to two working days from the expiration date of the membership.

  • For Hawaii, Virginia, Oregon, and California residents

Residents of Virginia, California, Hawaii, and Oregon can cancel the subscription online by using the ‘Settings’ tab.

One needs to ensure in order to login into the registered account for executing the cancellation correctly.

  • Visit so as to cancel the subscription online.
  • The other option on 247sports cancellation is to talk to the 247sports team over phone at 1-888-508-3055

Thus, we hope this guidance is effective for you. For any query, you can get in touch with them for assistance.

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