Cancel Equifax Membership

Cancel Equifax Membership

Equifax is an American multinational consumer credit reporting firm. It is known to be the third-largest company besides TransUnion and Experian. The company accumulates data on over 800 million individual clients side by side with 88 million businesses globally. Equifax helps fraud prevention and credit monitoring assistance directly to the clients.

The company avails a seven-day free trial membership thereafter log in into new accounts to confront and receive the advantages.

But a time may come when you may need to cancel Equifax such as services offered not satisfied by the company, rude behavior with the clients, maybe lack of any offers or any financial crisis, and so on.

So if the membership is not further beneficial to you now and you want to cancel your Equifax membership then this article is for you.

Here we shall bring to you the methods on ‘How to stop Equifax subscription.’ in simple terms.

How Do You Cancel Equifax Account

Both Online and Offline modes are available through which the members can easily cancel Equifax subscriptions.

  1. Through the official website
  2. Over the Phone

Let us go through the methods in detail below:

1. How do I cancel my Equifax subscription via the Equifax website:

The steps that one needs to perform in order to cancel Equifax membership online are as follows:

  1. Go to its official website link:

    First, visit the website of Equifax at

  2. Hit on the ‘My Account section:

    Next, just click on the section of ‘My Account.

  3. Select the ‘Manage Billing’ option.

    Then, select the option of ‘Manage Billing’.

  4. Tap on the ‘Cancel your subscription’ button:

    In the next step, we need to tap on the button ‘Cancel  Subscription’.

  5. A confirmation mail will be sent to you:

    Lastly, a mail on confirmation of the cancellation will be forwarded to you by the company. Also, make sure to retain the mail for future reference.

2. How to cancel my Equifax subscription over the Phone:

Here are the steps described below that we need to follow on Equifax to cancel my subscription are:

  1. Dial the Equifax membership phone number:
    Firstly, we need to dial the Equifax membership helpline phone number at – (866) 640-2273 to talk directly with the agent on cancellation.
  2. Choose the current city:
    Then, we need to choose our current city of residence.
  3. Keep ready all the information and details related to the Equifax account:
    Next, take note that we must keep ready all the essential details and information that is related to our account before proceeding to the cancellation of the subscription.
  4. Furnish all the information to the agent in order to ensure the account on subscription:
    In the next step, furnish all the details of the subscription account to the agent when asked so as to easily identify the account of membership.
  5. Make a request to cancel the subscription:
    Now, make a request to the rep to cancel the Equifax membership account.
  6. A confirmation mail on cancellation will be received by you:
    At last, a mail on confirmation will be received by you sent by the company on the registered email address or the phone which must be retained carefully as it may be needed in the future.

Operating hours of Equifax customer helpline on phone: From 8 a.m. to 3 a.m. (ET) available 7 days a week

Note: Usually, it is seen that many members get confused about getting a refund from Equifax. One must note that Equifax Company does not offer any refunds on unused days. But the refunds are offered to only the plans on a yearly subscription. So as per the company terms and policy on refunds, members will be initiated with refunds only on unused months and no refunds on a partial month.

Thus, we hope this article will help you to cancel the Equifax subscription account and guide you throughout the process of cancellation. But still, for any query or confusion feel free to contact the customer support service for further guidance.

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