Cancel Gaia TV Subscription

Cancel Gaia TV Subscription

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Gaia is the substitute media streaming platform that is accessible over the globe. It has nearly 500,000 members throughout 150 countries. Gaia provides video services that mainly focus on Yoga and science fringe.

If you have acquired the subscription but are not pleased with it then you have just stopped on the right page. Through this page, you will be guided on the method to cancel Gaia TV.

How to cancel Gaia TV

So if there is no further wish to keep the subscription on Gaia TV, the choices for you to cancel are limited. Thereby, go through the methods discussed and give a look at whichever is preferable for Gaia TV cancel subscription:

i. How do I cancel Gaia TV via Website

In order to cancel Gaia membership via Gaia’s official website, then here is what you must perform:

  1. Step1:

    To start with, go to Gaia’s official website through your preferred device.

  2. Step2:

    Next, fill in the essential details and then log in to the Gaia account.

  3. Step3:

    Now, tap the ‘Profile Avatar’.

  4. Step4:

    In the next step, click on the ‘My Account section

  5. Step5:

    Then, hit the tab on ‘Cancel Membership’.
    An option will be given to you stating to stay as a member for free for a period of one month. So to avoid this option, click on the ‘X’ option and then proceed with the prompted steps.

  6. Step6:

    Retain carefully the confirmation on cancellation as a future record.

ii. Gaia TV Cancel subscription from Third-Party Providers

If you attain subscriptions on Gaia with third-party providers such as Roku, iTunes, Amazon Prime, or the cable provider then you must end the subscription from it directly.

Cancel on Amazon Prime Video:

The steps are:

  • Firstly, open Amazon Prime Video.
  • Next, navigate to the ‘Manage Your Prime Video Channels’ section.
  • Now, click on the ‘Prime Video Channels’ tab.
  • Locate the subscription, that you desire to cancel.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Cancel Channel’ option and then ‘Confirm’ the cancellation.

Cancel Gaia on iOS device

Following are the steps to cancel on your iOS/ Apple device:

  1. Launch the Setting app on the device.
  2. Select ‘Profile Name’.
  3. Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  4. Now, select the subscription, the one you wish to manage.
  5. At last, hit the button on ‘Cancel Subscription.

Cancel through Roku

Those signing via the Roku platform can follow the steps below:

  • Initiate Roku on the TV device.
  • Now, from the list given, tap the section on ‘Manage Your Subscriptions.
  • View Subscription and find ‘Gaia’.
  • On locating it, hit on the ‘Cancel/Unsubscribe’ button, next to the desired app.
  • Then confirm the cancellation of the Gaia subscription and it’s done.

That is how you can cancel Gaia’s subscription.

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