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How To Cancel Great Fun Subscription?

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Want to end the subscription to Great Fun? This blog will lead the way for you to cancel the subscription conveniently.

Great Fun is the platform that provides its members with discounts on various purchases, restaurants, leisure activities, and travel.

But it has been dubbed by many users that it is a sort of scam. So if you got this subscription but want to get rid of this then go through this page till the end.

Great Fun Cancellation Policy:-

As per the Great Fun cancellation policy stated in its Terms and Conditions:-

  • The membership on Great Fun is auto-renewal, so the firm will keep on charging the subscription fee until the membership has been canceled.
  • The user can cancel the membership without any charges at any time whenever there is a necessity.

How to cancel a Great Fun subscription

There are several methods extended by Great Fun that can be wielded by its members for canceling the subscription. Whether it has opted for a paid subscription or a free trial, here are the means to end services on Great Fun.

How To Cancel Great Fun Membership Through Email

Here are the steps that you are required to follow:-

  1. Write an email composing a cancellation request.
  2. Attach the relevant information of the account and your details to the composed mail.
  3. Send the email to customer support to
  4. Make sure to ask about the confirmation mail on proceeding with the cancellation.

How do I cancel the Great Fun membership over the Phone?

The instructions one must include have been started below:-

  1. Firstly, dial the Great Fun cancel membership number at 1-877-488-9480.
  2. In the next step, inform the customer team that you desire to cancel the membership. The working hours are between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET from Monday – to Friday.
  3. Ask the agent to send you a mail confirmation once the cancellation has been initiated.

How to cancel a Great Fun subscription by Mail

There is an option to terminate the subscription on Great Fun through Mail. For this you must write and send a letter to the Great Fun company at  the address given below:-

  1. Write a letter to Great Fun, requesting to cancel your subscription.
  2. Send the letter to the address:-
    • Great Fun, Nashville, TN 37204, P.O. Box 41248, Membership Department
  3. Remember to ask about the confirmation mail on the cancellation of the subscription for future reference.

How do you cancel Great Fun via the Website?

To cancel the membership on Great Fun online, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below:-

  1. First, navigate to the official website of Great Fun.
  2. After that, keep scrolling and select the ‘Customer Support tab.
  3. In the next step, enter the personal and account details in the provided field.
  4. Next, select the ‘Member Cancellation’ option from the displayed menu list.
  5. You can also add comments or any questions (if required).
  6. Finally, hit the button on ‘Submit’ to complete the Great Fun membership cancellation procedure.

Thus you can choose any of the above-mentioned methods for TLG Great Fun to cancel your membership effortlessly. Yet if you face any problem, get contacted the Great Fun Customer support executive for help.