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One cannot be aware when an emergency occurs and you need to cancel the flight. So if you want to cancel the ticket when traveling with Turkish Airlines, then read this page below in order to do the cancellation with ease. On this page we shall guide you on the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, Turkish Airlines cancelation policy Covid, Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation fee, 24-hour cancellation policy Turkish Airlines and so. Thereby continue to read till the end.

Turkish Airlines cancelation policy

Customers can cancel the booking flight tickets the Turkish Airlines until one hour left from the flight departure by making a payment as the cancellation fee.

Turkish Airlines’ booking cancellation policy contends that the customers require to pay the fee on cancellation if canceling the tickets has been made after 24 hours from the booking period.

The Turkish Airlines cancellation fee depends on the class of passengers, ticket type purchased by passengers, and routes considering the time.

  • Refundable Ticket: On refundable tickets, the customer will get the money after deducting the cancellation fee from its original ticket amount.
  • Non-Refundable ticket: In most cases, this ticket does not qualify for a refund.

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy 24 hours

  • Turkish Airline cancellation policy 24 hours states that if the cancellation of the flight is done within 24 hours from booking and the purchased ticket needs to be more than 7 days from the expected departure of the flight then it is eligible for a full refund.
  • Both Refundable and Non-Refundable tickets will get a full refund if the cancellation has been done within 24 hours from the booking period as mentioned by Turkish Airlines ‘ hour cancellation policy.

Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation Fee

Discussed below are the details related to the cancellation fee for Turkish Airlines depending on fare type:

  • Economy Promotion fee tickets are of non-refundable type, so on having economy promotion tickets then the passenger is not eligible to receive any refund on cancellation.
  • Passengers possessing Economy Restricted Fare tickets, Business Promotion tickets, and Economy Flexible Fare tickets are not eligible for a refund.
  • As per Turkish Airlines Business Class cancellation policy, customers traveling with Business Restricted tickets require to pay an amount of $400 as a fee for cancellation.
  • Flexible Fare flight tickets do not require paying the Turkish Airlines flight cancellation fee is contrary to Turkish Airlines.

How do you cancel a Turkish Airline Ticket?

According to the cancellation policy of Turkish Airlines, there are several methods by which one can perform the cancellation process.

We shall look at the methods in detail below:

Cancel through the Online method

1. Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines.

2. Select on ‘My Bookings’ or ‘My Trip’ option.

3. Choose the bookings on which you are looking to bring the desired cancellation.

4. On the next page, enter the booking ID and the passenger named in the given box.

5. Click the button on ‘Cancel’ so as to proceed further step.

6. A confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email address or mobile number.

7. The refund (if eligible) will proceed to your account within 7-10 working days.

Cancel over Phone

The steps included are:

1. Call at Turkish Airlines flight cancellation phone number.

2. Talk to the agent about canceling the booking flight ticket.

3. Once the agent responds back, they will ask you for some information in order to identify the booking.

4. On providing the relevant information they will proceed with the ticket cancellation procedure on your behalf.

Cancel on Turkish Airline Mobile App

One can easily cancel a flight ticket through the Mobile App on Turkish Airlines.

You can get the app by browsing it through the Play Store and then downloading it on the device. Once you downloaded it, sign up to the account, and then you can cancel the flight ticket conveniently.

Passengers can also go for cancellation through the offline method by visiting the ticket counter or the Airlines Ticketing office.

Turkish Airlines Flight cancellation Refund Policy

As per Turkish Airlines’ cancellation and refund policy, the amount of refund after ticket cancellation depends on the traveling class of the passengers and the route.

  • If changes to the scheduled time are done by the Airlines then one can claim a refund or can change the flight without making any additional payment.
  • No cancellation fee is charged if the tickets have been canceled within 24 hours from the booking moment.
  • The refunds will get switched to the bank account within 20 working days as mentioned in the Turkish Airlines refund policy.
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