Emirates Cancellation Policy

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To cancel a flight may be a bit confusing and thereby finds it problematic to do so. Looking into these, we are here to guide you on the Emirates Cancellation Policy and advise you to read the blog till the end.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Policy And Full Refund

According to the ticket cancellation policy of Emirates, only the Flex Plus fares are eligible for a full refund on all classes. Whereas the other ticket fares are either not refundable(Saver/Special) or are eligible for a refund by paying the cancellation fee.

Full refunds on tickets that are unused are probable if:

  • Book the flight tickets at least 7 days from the departure date and cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours from the booking time. In addition to this, the flight has its origin in the U.S. and the booking has been made through the website of U.S.
  • Emirates Cancellation policy covid states that if the ticket has been granted on or after 1st April’2021, the period of travel is extended to two years for a booking date.
  • If Emirates cancels the flight and the newly offered one won’t suit you.
  • If a flight gets departed from a European Union region and has halted by a minimum of 5 hours.
  • If you possess a Flex Plus ticket that is eligible for a full refund and cancellation can be performed.
  • The refund will get processed within 14 days of submission of the essential information.
  • Refunds will get paid in the original payment method.
  • In case not eligible for a full refund, passengers are likely eligible to expand the ticket validity to the following 24 months with no additional charge.

How do you cancel Emirates Flight online?

Emirates Airlines’ cancellation policy has offered their customers the flight cancellation method. So discussed below are the steps to follow to cancel the flight bookings Emirates online:

  1. At first, visit www.emirates.com
  2. Next, tap on the ‘Check In’ section.
  3. In the next step, enter the passenger’s last name and the booking reference ID.
  4. Now, hit on the ‘Manage booking’ tab.
  5. Then, choose and cancel the desired flight.
  6. Lastly, a mail on confirmation will be sent to the registered email address that the flight cancellation has been processed successfully.

Emirates Flight Cancellation Fee

  • Special Fares (Economy, Business):
    The Special ticket fares are generally the lowest and offer fares.
    They are non-refundable type.
    Thus, the cancellation fee on Emirates Special fares will be the entire fare price.
  • Saver Fare (Business, Economy):
    The Saver ticket fares could be canceled by paying the cancellation fee.
    For flights that are departing from the U.S, the fee for cancellation are:
    Economy Saver fares: 300 USD
    Business Saver fares: 400 USD
  • Economy Flex, First Class Flex Fares, Business Flex:
    The cancellation fee is:
    Economy Flex fares: 200 USD
    Business Flex fares: Cancellation before departure: 400 USD
    After departure: 1000 USD
    First Flex fares: 400 USD

Emirates Cancellation Policy after 24 hours

As per Emirates Airlines 24-hours cancellation policy, if passengers cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours from the booking date and the journey date is at least 7 days further from the purchased date, then they will be eligible for a full refund on their flight ticket.


For a refund, Emirates Air ticket cancellation policy claims that in order to request a refund on the canceled flight, one must fill out the refund request form Emirates.

If tickets have been bought from a travel agent or third party, then you need to contact them directly.

For any further assistance, passengers can make a contact via email at customer.affairs@emirates.com.