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Can I cancel my Hotworx Membership??

Are you considering canceling your Hotworx Membership, then surely you must be looking for different means to get rid of it. Members of Hotworx may come across hassles when coming to cancel the subscription. As Hotworx acts as a franchise organization, the experiences by the members may deviate from relying upon the one dealing with such as an authorized location or third-party Hotworx Studio.

Hotworx, with several locations worldwide and more than hundreds in the works, is a hot sauna fitness trend on the verge of expansion. On visiting any of the Hotworx locations, the same standard of membership contracts, monthly obligations, and cancellation charges will be offered to its members.

Before heading to the Hotworx membership cancellation it is important to note that, once going with the membership plan and making a payment of $99 as an enrollment fee, the members sign officially a membership agreement that needs to be a 90-day initial membership term. It implies that the member is locked in settling the upfront for the following 3 months. Once this term is over, the membership proceeds to the month-to-month payment mode.

Now let’s move ahead to the main subject of this blog on canceling Hotworx membership.

How to cancel my Hotworx Membership

The option for Hotworx membership cancellation is quite limited. If a member has just signed to the Hotworx membership and switched minds to cancel Hotworx membership in the initial days, then there are chances to reverse and cancel the membership.

Following it is on cancel Hotworx subscription just after signing in:

  • Members can cancel only before midnight on the third working day after signing the contract.
  • One can inform the Hotworx Studio about cancellation directly in person, and they shall provide with the cancellation form.
  • The other option is to submit the request for cancellation through certified mail to the common Hotworx location.
  • One must hold at least 15 days from receiving the notice of canceling membership for Hotworx studio to make confirmation.

How do you cancel Hotworx Membership Auto-Renewal?

As per contract nature, Hotworx not only binds its members for 90 days but ties up for a minimum of 5-month commitment. The reason for this is that Hotworx needs a two-month cancellation notice for the membership. Therefore if one is required to cancel after the first 3- months, then one may be required to pay the upcoming two automatically renewed subscriptions to satisfy the cancelation rules.

Note: In case these rules are not cleared beforehand while signing up, then the Hotworx cancelation process would feel expensive as well as frustrating.

So, here it is to terminate the Hotworx auto-renewal membership:

  • Once the initial installment period is over, users can cancel…with a 60-day notification.
  • Go to the main location of Hotworx studio to sign in person the cancellation notice.
  • One can even submit the 60-day cancellation notice through certified mail.

Hotworx Subscription Instant Cancelation

In case one requires an instant cancellation whatever the reason may be, then Hotworx may assist in doing this but may be charged with a certain amount of fee.

For immediate cancelation, one must be aware of the following points on Hotworx:

  • Members need to visit Hotworx Studio in person to request for an instant cancellation.
  • A cancellation fee of $99 will be applied.

That’s all on Hotworx Cancel Membership, hope it’s worthwhile for you.

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