Cancel MealPal Subscription

How To Cancel MealPal Subscription

MealPal is also known as Malpass is a platform offering service with a monthly subscription for its members to pre-order lunch from several areas in the city and pick it up without stopping in line. As a sign to endorse the local businesses, Meal Pal circulates the users’ fees on meals to the restaurant in the selected cities.

Does the MealPal trial plan automatically renew to a paid account

The answer is ‘Yes’. As per the MealPal cancel meal policy, the trial pack on MealPal would become a monthly paid twelve-meal membership until the cancellation is made on time. In order to prevent yourself from being locked in the paid subscription, then one must cancel the period on trial before the date of expiration.

How to cancel MealPal

As mentioned in the MealPal cancellation policy, users are unable on MealPal cancel in mid of the billing period but can proceed to cancellation before the next period of billing starts. So in order to avoid the auto-renewal for the next month, one must cancel for at least a week. If you are late, then you will be stuck paying for the other month.

The methods to cancel the subscription on MealPal are:

  1. By sending an Email
  2. Via website
  3. Over the Phone

Now we shall discuss the methods in detail below.

1. How to cancel MealPal membership through an Email

The steps on MealPal to cancel membership by sending an Email are as follows:

  1. Step1:

    Firstly, write an email requesting to cancel the subscription to MealPal.

  2. Step2:

    Type the subject as ‘Cancel Membership’.

  3. Step3:

    Provide the required information that is related to the MealPal account.

  4. Step4:

    Further for the composed email at and carefully retain the confirmation email on cancellation for future reference.

2. MealPal how to cancel over the Phone

One must follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel a MealPal subscription over the Call:

  • At first, dial the MealPal customer support Phone number at 1-844-561-9557.
  • Talk to the agent about canceling the membership account.
  • Deliver the information of your account when asked by the agent.
  • Finally, ask to give a confirmation email on successful cancellation.

3. How to perform MealPal cancel subscription via Website

Here are the steps for canceling a MealPal subscription through the company’s website:

  1. To start with, log in to the account on MealPal.
  2. Tap on the ‘My Account section from the dropdown list.
  3. Next, select on ‘Change Plan for Next Cycle’ tab.
  4. Then, hit the ‘Hold or Cancel My Account’ option.
  5. At last, tap the button on ‘Cancel My Account and it will be completed.
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