Cancel My SkinnyFit Subscription

Does the SkinnyFit product not fit for you or dissatisfied with the service because of which you desire to cancel your SkinnyFit subscription, it provides the option to do so.

SkinnyFit belongs to the health and fitness brands that aim to deliver women with weight-loss supplements. Their products comprise detox tea, superfood powders, multi-collagen peptides, and many more.

Along with the weight loss product, the supplements of SkinnyFit can also be wielded to start a healthy lifestyle.

How to cancel SkinnyFit subscription on Your Own

Some conventional methods can be used for SkinnyFit tea cancel subscriptions such as:

  • Get in touch with customer service over the phone
  • Request to cancel membership through an Email

How do I cancel my SkinnyFit subscription over the Phone

The customer support service of SkinnyFit is accessible 24*7, thus, one can request to cancel whenever the need arises. So the steps to cancel your SkinnyFit subscription over the Phone are as follows:

  1. Step1:

    Dial the SkinnyFit Customer Support phone number at 1-888-862-1758.

  2. Step2:

    Ask the agent to cancel the membership.

  3. Step3:

    Provide them with the essential details of the account.

  4. Step4:

    Make sure to ask for a confirmation email on SkinnyFit cancellations as proof of the made request.

How to cancel my SkinnyFit subscription via Email

Here are the steps on SkinnyFit cancel subscription by sending an Email:

Write an email to make a cancellation request.

Furnish the information on the account.

Forward the composed email to

Also, ensure to get a confirmation number or email as proof for future reference.

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