Cancel Regal Unlimited Subscription

Can I cancel my Regal Unlimited subscription??

For movie fans, it’s just not sufficient for theatrical experience and for which many people get the membership provided by various platforms that offer unlimited benefits in this regard. One such platform is Rega Unlimited. But what if one gets a better option than this and wants to cancel the present ongoing subscription with Regal?

Regal Unlimited is one of the best platforms for movie fanatics who enjoy the notion of experiencing films in theatres. The pass of Regal Unlimited comes up with a wide range of benefits and for sure plenty of concessions in the price of tickets and many more with an aim to enhance the film-watching experience.

Looking at such cases, we have put forward a blog that will guide the readers to attain knowledge on the possible methods to cancel Regal Unlimited.

How to cancel Regal Unlimited

Regal Unlimited delivers its members with three modes that they can choose to cancel. Regal Unlimited with the one they feel comfortable with.

Let’s look at these in detail below.

i. How to cancel my Regal Unlimited via Regal Application

To cancel my Regal Unlimited via Regal App we must follow the below-stated steps:

A. Get the Regal Cinemas app on the smartphone or device.

B. Next, sign in to the account by entering the required credentials.

C. Now, move to the ‘My Account’ section and then locate the ‘My Subscription’ option from the list.

D.  Then, click on the ‘Cancel My Subscription’ tab.

E. Finally, tap on ‘Cancel’ and confirm the process of cancellation.

ii. How to cancel Regal Unlimited through Email

Here are the steps for canceling Regal Unlimited Membership by sending an Email:

  1. Firstly, write an email through the registered email address, a request to cancel the subscription.
  2. Send the composed mail to the Regal Unlimited customer support account at
  3. Make sure to state all the details like name, phone number, etc related to the subscription account. And also mentioned the cancellation reason if needed.
  4. On completion, now click the button on ‘Send’.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to the concerned users on the cancellation request from the Regal Unlimited customer support team.

iii. How do I cancel Regal Unlimited over Phone

Follow the points for Regal Unlimited subscription cancellation over Phone:

  • Dial the Regal Unlimited customer support phone number at 1-(888)-462-7342 from the registered number.
  • Make a request to the representative on the Regal Unlimited cancellation procedure.
  • Provide the information to the rep that is related to the account for easy access to the account by the support team.

Summing Up:

Hence, by now we sum up this blog here and hope you have learned about the different methods to attain the Regal unlimited cancel process if one feels more relaxed about enjoying movies at home by simply following the above-mentioned steps.

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