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Cancel Rent to Own Membership

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Looking to cancel your Rent to Own membership? You have just stopped at the right page. It will help you to cancel the membership at any moment through some easy methods.

A brief on Rent To Own Membership

It was developed in 2011. The company’s headquarters lies in Valencia, California. The websites and speeds under the possession of Tom Clarke and Alex Volkov. It enables its consumers to access state-by-state lists on rent-to-own property.

Customers can employ the website to search for houses in places they wish to relocate in the future or in the neighborhood which is usable as rent-to-own properties by their owners.

Only specific data is available without owing the paid membership on its website. Whereas, consumers can access most of the features when they own the premium membership by paying the subscription fee on its site.

How to perform the process on my Rent to Own cancel membership

Before moving to the cancellation process there are some of the requirements that you need to keep ready.

You need to compile the following details to be eligible to cancel your Rent to Own membership. Listed below are the required details:

  • Name of the Account holder
  • Password
  • Address of Payment
  • State/Region/Province
  • City
  • Postal Code/ ZIP
  • Country
  • Cancellation reason
  • Last four(4) digits of the card
  • Date of a recent payment
  • Amount last charge

How to do Rent to Own Cancel membership

Customers can go for three methods to cancel the Rent to Own membership. They are

  1. Via Login
  2. Over the Phone
  3. By an Email

We shall illustrate the methods in detail below.

1. How to do Rent to Own homes cancel membership via Login

To execute the cancellation, the steps that you must follow are:-

  • Firstly, by using the device visit
  • In the next step, enter the account Username and Password to log in to the account.
  • Next, search for the ‘Membership Information’ tab at the bottom of the displayed screen.
  • Then, hit the button on ‘Cancel’ which is next to the tab of Membership Information.
  • Now, tap the link on ‘Cancel Membership’.
  • Lastly, make sure to retain the confirmation copy of the cancellation for future reference.

2. How to perform Rent to Own cancel subscription over the Phone

Users can even cancel their subscriptions by using the phone. This method is quite easy and simple. Moreover, it does not take much time.

The only steps you need to follow have been mentioned below:

  1. First, dial the phone number at 1-888-596-4702 from the device.
  2. Ask the rep that you wish to cancel your Rent-to-own membership.
  3. Furnish your account information to the rep, when they ask for it.
  4. Make a request to get a refund.
  5. Also, ask to deliver a confirmation number or email to be the proof of the transaction.
  6. Finally, retain the proof of cancellation as future records.

3. How to cancel Rent to Own subscription by an Email

The steps to cancel Rent own subscription through an email are as follows:

Step1: In the first step, visit

Step2: Now, enter the information which is required in the provided field.

Step3: State to the rep that you desire to cancel the membership.

Step4: Make a request to send you an email or the confirmation number to be the proof of making the transaction.

Step5: In the next step, click on the ‘Submit’ tab so as to submit the cancellation form.

Wrapping Up:

Thus here we sum up all the methods that one can employ for canceling Rent to Own Membership and hope you can do it effortlessly. Yet if you desire to contact the customer service of Rent to Own for the subscription cancellation then you can use these contact details:

Rent To Own Phone Number: 1-888-596-4702


Address: 6303 Owensmouth Awe, 10th floor, Woodland Hills, United States

Official website:

Need Help To Cancel?
Call Now:- +1-843-419-7964
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