Cancel Shutterstock Subscription

Can I cancel the Shutterstock subscription?? How to cancel Shutterstock? How to cancel Shutterstock account etc.

These sorts of questions usually create confusion in the user’s mind and they go searching from site to site. So here we are to answer your query.

Can you cancel your Shutterstock subscription?

The answer is yes, by turning off the auto-renewal option on the on-demand packs and for monthly subscriptions in the account settings tab, or can reach out to the support service for Shutterstock to cancel the subscription early annual plan.

How to cancel a Shutterstock account

Even though there are quite considerable benefits to keeping the plan active, a member can control the options on billing depending on the guidelines on Shutterstock’s cancellation policy.

How to cancel my Shutterstock Annual Subscriptions monthly paid

  • As the annual plans are monthly billed and offer the monthly price at a discount on content for its commitment of a year. So upon early cancellation of this subscription, it is subjected to charge the member with Shutterstock cancellation fee.
  • The amount of charge will be the same as the savings received at a discounted rate that was offered in the plan.
  • So on Shutterstock cancel membership for an annual subscription plan to cancel it early one must contact the customer support team for guidance.

How to cancel Shutterstock subscription upon On-demand and Monthly Subscriptions Packs

As the on-demand and monthly subscriptions packs get renewed automatically, so to cancel the Shutterstock subscription on such plans, simply ‘Turning Off’ the auto-renewal option will be effective to cancel, further avoiding any charges, yet one can access the downloads that are continuing in the action plan or month.

When the monthly packs are canceled, users can possess access to the account till the period of billing ends.

Thereby to cancel such plans, users can visit the ‘Plans’ section and then ‘Turn off the button on auto renewal and it will be done.

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