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Cancel Soylent Subscription

Soylent is a firm that aims to make products on meal replacements. So its prominent idea is based on food requires a long time thereby it needs to be diminished to the requirements of the elementary diet. Since its launch in the year 2014, this company has served to access over 20,000 sites which include commercial giants such as Meijer, Target, Walmart, Kroger, and 7-Eleven.

Yet if you got the subscription account but now want to know whether ‘Can you cancel Soylent subscription?’ then we would state that you have arrived at the right platform. Through this blog, we shall guide you on ‘How to cancel Soylent subscription?’ So, just continue to read this blog till the end and you can easily learn how to do so.

Methods On Soylent Cancel Subscription

There are some convenient methods for you by using which you will be able to cancel Soylent.

  • By sending an Email
  • Through the website

How to cancel Soylent Subscription by an Email

Cancellation by sending an email often sounds to be convenient but you may face it to be a lengthy process as its support team may take time by inquiring for more details.
So if you are opting for this method you can follow the instructions below.
Before heading towards the cancellation steps you need to keep ready the essential details that may be needed by the customer care representative like Member’s full name, the products which you wish to cancel, and the subscription number.
The steps are:

  1. Compose a cancellation email

    Firstly, you must compose an email where it needs to include the direct intention for  Soylent to cancel an order or subscription.

  2. Request for a refund and the confirmation mail on cancellation

    Further, you must request on getting a refund (if eligible) and also send a confirmation mail once the subscription cancellation gets processed.

  3. Send to its official email address

    Once you complete the email, then forward it to the Soylent email address at

Note: The team response hours may depend on the Soylent Terms and Conditions and it may take more than 48 hrs.

How do I cancel Soylent Online through the website

Soylent permits its users to make changes and also to cancel the prevailing subscription from the accounts. So the procedure that is to be followed for  Soylent subscription cancellation is:

Step1: Login to Soylent Account:
The very first thing you need to do is to log in to the account on Soylent, by using the correct username and password of the account.

Step2: Tap ‘My Account:
Next, tap on the ‘My Account section to make the desired changes.

Step3: Select the ‘Cancel’ tab:
Finally, select the button on ‘Cancel’ for canceling the subscription.

That’s all about the Soylent cancel subscription or order. We expect that you found this guide helpful.

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