Cancel Sportsline subscription

Cancel Sportsline subscription

Sportsline is the betting site of sports that enables predictions for the betting of fans. This site employs an assortment of information and data so as to deliver the best logical choices and projections on sports for example baseball, basketball, football, golf, and others.

Sportsline proposes free content to its users but to get exclusive features and benefits to all the picks, projections, analysis, and many more you need to get the SportsLine Pro membership by paying for it.

About Sportsline Membership

The Sportsline company comes up with the Sportsline Pro subscription, by which the members can procure the latest information and updates related to the predictions done on betting.

Sportsline assigns a monthly fee subscription and a yearly paid subscription for the membership. Also, keep in mind that the membership on Sportsline will get renewed automatically by the end of the period of billing.

However, if you had attained the membership but no longer have interest in betting and making predictions and now desire to cancel Sportsline then here you are at the right place. As in this article, we will guide you with the method of ‘How to Cancel Sportsline?’ We hope you read till the end and also make sure to follow the steps thoroughly.

How to perform CBS Sportsline cancel a subscription

If you are not able to make payment for the Sportsline Pro Membership or the Sportsline subscription is not working anymore for you, then you can easily go for the Sportsline and cancel the subscription any time you wish for. So in order to proceed with the cancellation, you can follow the different methods of cancellation described below.

  1. Cancel Sportsline Pro Membership over the Phone
  2. Cancel Sportsline Subscription through an Email

Let us discuss these methods in detail below:

1. How do I cancel my Sportsline membership over the Phone:

In order to cancel my Sportsline membership via Phone, then here are the steps that you must follow:

  1. Call the Sportsline customer support service Phone number:

    Firstly, dial the Sportsline Customer Service phone number at 1-888-508-3055.

  2. Talk to the rep about the cancellation of the subscription:

    In the next step, talk to the rep and make a request to cancel the subscription account.

  3. Furnish all the related data of your account to the representative:

    Now, furnish all the data and information related to the membership account to the representative.

  4. Ask about the confirmation email:

    Then, make sure to ask about getting the confirmation email on cancellation.

  5. Retain the email of confirmation carefully:

    Lastly, retain the email on confirmation of canceling the subscription carefully for any future reference.

2. How to cancel a Sportsline subscription via Email

If you feel awkward talking directly to the Customer Service agent by Phone, then you can go for this alternative method.

So to cancel Sportsline Membership through an Email you need to perform the following points step by step:

  • Compose an Email requesting to cancel the membership:
    In the first step, you need to compose an Email making a request so as to cancel the membership.
  • Send the email to the official email address of Sportsline:
    Next, you need to forward the email to the email address at
  • Include the details of your Sportsline subscription account:
    Now, also make sure to include all the related information and data of the Sportsline account along with the email.
  • Make sure to ask about the confirmation email:
    Then, ask about receiving the confirmation email of the cancellation as a response on confirming the cancellation of the subscription.
  • Retain the confirmation email:
    At last, carefully retain the email on the confirmation of canceling the membership account as a future record.

Does Sportsline allows Free Trial

The answer is ‘No’. Sportsline does not propose any free trial. But it offers the users to use the free content featuring services if they do not want to get charged for the Sportsline membership.

Do Sportsline Prorate the Cancellation

As stated in the Sportsline Pro Membership Terms and Conditions, it describes that the member will not get a refund on any of the fees that were paid previously. So when a member cancels its membership, the cancellation of the subscription will come into effect only at the end of the billing period of its subscription, and till then you can continue to access the account.

Thus, this page will provide an idea to opt-out from the Sportsline Pro Subscription and shall guide you to complete the procedure successfully, still, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact the Customer Service team for guidance.

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