Cancel New York Sports Club

Cancel New York Sports Club

The New York Sports Club which is known as NYSC belongs to the group of center fitness through New York, Brooklyn, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Queens. It was established in the year 1973 and refers to the Town Sports International Holdings. The company comprises more than 100 new buildings in the area of Tri-State. The members get permits to the gym features, attend the classes and also get to work with the personal trainers.

Moreover, with the regular session of workouts and programs for families and kids, the company also offers a wide range of lessons under the below-listed groups:
The Essentials
Boutique Fitness
Small-Group Training

So if you had attained membership with the New York Sports Club and now desire to cancel the membership then this article is the ultimate for you. Go through this instruction in detail on how to do NYSC cancel membership.

What is the NYSC cancellation policy?

All the Sports Club membership cancellation needs to be terminated under the agreement, summarised in the Membership Agreement. It must be kept in mind that certain rights on cancellation may differ by the club because of the state regulation.

The New York Sports Club cancellation policy lets their members go for canceling their membership as per the following:

  • The members who do not have a commitment term may cancel their membership anytime, just by delivering an initial notice forwarding to its Sports Club in the given time stated in the agreement. An additional fee for cancellation may also apply.
  • The members who are within the obligation term need to use anyone of the following methods to cancel:

A. Early Termination: The notice that is needed must be furnished in addition to which an Early Termination Fee will also be applied.

B. Medical Cancellation: One can go for the immediate or sudden cancellation of the membership on receiving a receipt of medical approved documents. A cancellation fee may be applied depending on the state regulations.

C. Moving Cancellation: Furnishing a receipt on an authorized document of relocation is needed. The regulation of the state for the minimum distance, fee on cancellation, and the notice period will get varied.

  • Members can urge for the cancellation via In-Person at the visited fitness club or by sending the request on cancellation via Certified Mail to Member of Service Department or directly to the Club.

How to cancel New York Sports Club membership:

The New York Sports Club cancel membership requirements are governed by the Membership Agreement, which differs from place to place.

One can choose any of the methods described below to cancel the membership.

1. How to cancel my NYSC membership through a Letter (Certified Mail):

According to the page on Membership Policy, one can make a request on cancellation by sending a certified mail in which you had signed up or maybe to the Department of Member Services in advance (at least before 30 days).
The steps one must perform are as follows:

  1. Compose a letter of cancellation:

    In the first step, compose a letter describing the desire to cancel the New York Sports Club membership.

  2. Provide the required information such as contact details and the membership number:

    Next, provide the required details and information which includes the contact details, account information, membership number, and so on.

  3. Ask about the confirmation email or number:

    Then, make sure to ask the rep about the confirmation email or the number on the processing of the cancellation.

  4. Look for the address of your Club:

    In the next step, look for the address of the club which you visit by operating the page on ‘Find a gym’.

  5. Send the written letter through Certified Mail:

    Lastly, send the letter to its respective address in the form of Certified Mail.

How to Cancel my New York Sports Club membership via In-Person:

The other method through which you can cancel the membership of the NYSC is in In-Person mode.

  • Visit to any of the New York Sports Club fitness centers.
  • Talk to the front desk and request the agent for the cancellation of membership.
  • Get with you the essential documents at the time of visiting the club like the ID, Membership Agreement or the membership Card also make sure to check the company business hours before visiting.

NYSC Cancellation Fee:

In order to enclose the TSI expenses which were incurred at the time of contract administering and the cancellation, a fee will be charged as the New York Sports Club cancellation fee of $50. The fee will be analyzed for the members who will cancel their subscription for any reasons which were mentioned above earlier before the first cycle of the membership term ends.

New York Sports Club freeze membership:

NYSC lets people suspend the membership for a period of a minimum of 1 month to a maximum time of 1 year (12 months) or for any number of the months that are in between.

Points to keep in mind for NYSC freeze membership:

  • Account freeze is not allowed during the first 90 days of enrollment, in the 30 days’ notice of cancellation is not applied either backdated or retroactively.
  • At the time of suspension of membership:
    1. A fee shall be charged on each of the months which remain on hold and it varies on the type of membership.
    2. No bill will be charged on regular months
    3. You cannot use any of the club programs and services.
    4. An annual fee needs to be paid if applicable.
    5. Medical suspensions are made available in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania at $0 if supported by doctors’ notes with signature.
    6. The agreement period will get extended depending on the time period of the freezing of the membership.
    7. After the suspension gets expired the bill on regular monthly dues will get resumed.
  • For satisfactory billing, you must make a request for the freezing of the membership at least 2 business days from the date of billing.

Thus, this article will guide you with the cancellation method along with the method of freezing but still if you have any queries, you can make contact with the NYSC phone number cancel membership which is available on the Contact Page on its website.

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