Cancel Tudum Subscription

Need assistance to cancel the subscription on Tudum? Users of Tudum who no longer feel worthy of using the subscription can simply choose to terminate the subscription account.

This blog is all about the methods that one can choose for canceling the Tudum subscription and the steps related to it. So continue to read it till the bottom of this page.

Tudum is the Netflix cohort site, where users can enjoy watching its content by joining the subscription. But it might not seem fruitful for many. So in such cases, one can get rid of it by choosing to cancel the subscription.

Methods for canceling Tudum subscription account

How to cancel your Tudum subscription Online Via Website

To cancelling Tudum subscription online through the website need to follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official website i.e. cancel subscription to Tudum from the preferred web browser.
  • Next, enter the required credentials such as the username and password to log in to the Tudum subscription account.
  • In the next step, select the downward pointer that is to the right top corner of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the ‘Account’ tab.
  • Then select on ‘Manage Subscription’ section and locate the option on ‘Cancel Subscription’ which is placed under the section of ‘Billing’.
  • Lastly, confirm the cancellation of the subscription to complete the process.

How to perform Tudum cancel the subscription through  Android Devices

Here are the steps that are to be followed to cancel Tudum on the Android device:

  1. First, go to the Google Play Store app on the Android device.
  2. In the next step, select the ‘Menu’ tab that is to the right top corner of the page.
  3. Now, click the section on ‘Payments and Subscriptions’.
  4. Hit on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  5. Next, choose ‘Tudum’ (the one you are looking to cancel), from the subscriptions list in the account.
  6. Finally, make sure to go through the instructions to cancel the subscription to Tudum and click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab to finish.

How to cancel Tudum Through an iOS Device

To cancel your Tudum subscription account through iPhone/ iPad follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, go to the ‘Settings’ application on the iOS device.
  2. Click on the ‘UserName’ which is located at the right top of the page.
  3. Now, in the Apple ID, hit on the ‘Subscriptions’ section.
  4. In the next step, choose ‘Tudum’ from the subscriptions list to cancel.
  5. Further, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button and confirm the cancellation to complete the process.

How do I cancel the Tudum Subscription over the Phone?

The steps to cancel Tudum over the phone are as follows:

  • Dial to Tudum customer support team at +1 888 920 8550.
  • Talk to its executive to cancel the Tudum account.
  • Deliver the information related to the Tudum subscription account.
  • Lastly, make sure to get the confirmation email on the cancellation of the subscription for future records.

* Note: Tudum does not provide any official email for canceling the subscription account.

That’s all on the methods of Tudum Cancel subscription. Hope it’s beneficial for the readers.

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