Cancel Whoop Membership

Cancel Whoop Membership

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Whoop is one of the well-known fitness trackers that work digitally and has been wielded by many college and professional athletes in order to track their training and workouts. The Whoop products are awesome and cool and it also has the Whoop physical bands including membership on the Whoop app.

If you learn that this Whoop doesn’t work for you and want to cancel, then this blog will help you in doing so. Here we state the cancellation policy and some of the most common questions like ‘Can you cancel Whoop membership?’, ‘How to cancel Whoop?’ and so on which are related to the process.

How To Cancel Whoop Membership

Here are the steps you must follow to Whoop cancel your membership:

  1. Go to the Whoop website

    The first thing you need to do is to visit the Whoop website and then log in to the Whoop account by entering its relevant details.

  2. Move to ‘Menu

    In the next step, navigate to the tab on ‘Menu’.

  3. Hit on the ‘Membership’:

    Now, hit the ‘Membership’ button.

  4. Select on ‘Cancel your membership’ option:

    At last, scroll below the window it will display the ‘Cancel’ tab, and then select the ‘Cancel your membership button.

Once the cancellation has been confirmed, the membership on Whoop will get canceled automatically when the commitment you have signed for gets terminated and you won’t be billed any longer.

Note: Even if you cancel the subscription, you can still continue to wield the Whoop account till the end of the ongoing subscription. Once the membership has been canceled officially, you won’t be eligible to upload, analyze or collect any of the biometric data.

Whoop Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy of Whoop states: To be eligible to get a refund on canceling the membership, you can go for the cancellation on any intention but it must be done before 30 days of the receipt. You can do it by navigating at so as to start the procedure.

Thus, we hope this article on how to cancel a Whoop subscription has helped you to cancel the Whoop membership in a convenient manner.

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