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How To Cancel Xperience Fitness Membership

In today’s society, it has been seen that each one of us is more concerned with keeping a fit body both physically and mentally. And looking into the immense demand for fitness clubs Xperience Fitness came up to provide its people with a healthy and fit body.

Xperience Fitness belongs to a chain of gyms which is located in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Fitness gym offers training sessions both group and personal training with a varied range of fitness classes as well as group HIIT training.

Customers with the Xperience membership plan can access various services and benefits of the gym. The Xperience Fitness membership plan includes

  • Fit level
  • Core level
  • Orange card etc.

The Xperience Fitness company also possesses an online store that mainly focuses on the clothing of both men and women.

But if it is that you wish to cancel your membership at Xperience Fitness as it becomes difficult to include in your busy schedule or are unsatisfied with the services then you can read through this article.

This article will include Xperience Fitness and how to cancel membership methods and will try the best convenient way to explain to you the methods so that you can perform the steps in an easy manner.

Details you must keep ready that may be needed for cancellation:

  • Full Name of the member
  • Birthdate
  • Contact Number
  • Account number
  • Location
  • Registered email address
  • Amount last charged
  • Billing Address
  • Reason for cancellation

How to cancel Xperience Fitness gym membership

Many of us usually look for online cancellations but for those who are looking for how to cancel our Xperience Fitness membership online through the website is not possible. The company does not provide any website to cancel Xperience Fitness membership online except by using its official site to get the address and contact number of the specific gym club.

So let us have a look at the methods through which you can go for Xperience Fitness Appleton to cancel your membership.

  • Cancel membership In-Person
  • Cancel over the Phone
  • Cancel Xperience Fitness via Letter

Here we shall discuss the methods in detail:

1. How to cancel Xperience Fitness membership in In-Person:

For Xperience Fitness to cancel your membership in person you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the gym you visit frequently:

    First, you need to go to the fitness gym that you frequently visit so as to talk directly to the agent.

  2. Ask about the cancellation procedure to the agent at the counter:

    Next, go near the person at the counter and ask about the process of cancellation of the membership.

  3. Make a request that you desire to cancel the membership:

    Then, request the agent to cancel your membership (you can also state the region if you wish to).

  4. Fill out the cancellation form if any:

    In the next step, you may need to fill out the Xperience Fitness cancel membership form if it has any of the required details in its specific field.

  5.  Follow the steps asked by the agent:

    Lastly, make sure to follow the instructions as asked by the agent so that the membership on Xperience Fitness gets canceled successfully.

2. How to cancel membership on Xperience Fitness over the Phone (Live Agent):

In order to cancel my Xperience Fitness membership by Phone we must perform the below-stated steps:

Step1: Go to the official website of Xperience Fitness:
In the first step, through the preferred internet browsing site we need to go to the official website of Xperience Fitness so as to get the contact number of our specific gym.

Step2: Visit the home page of Xperience Fitness:
Then, navigate to the home page of Xperience Fitness.

Step3: Select the Gyms or Location button:
Next, select the button on Gyms or Location which is placed at the top of the displayed page.

Step4: Look for the gym you visit:
Now, we must look for the gym that we had visited and also signed up for membership.

Step5: Tap on the name of the location:
Hit on the location name of our gym where the contact number will be displayed.

Step6: Call the displayed phone number:
Instantly you can call the phone number of the fitness gym and talk to the rep directly about the cancellation.

Step7: Make a request to the agent to cancel the membership:
In this step, we need to make a request to the agent to cancel the membership account and provide the details of the account and personal information so that the account gets easily identified.

Step8: Follow the instructions of the representative and also ask about the confirmation mail:
Next, make sure to follow all the instructions thoroughly given by the rep and also ask for any confirmation mail from the company on the cancellation of the account.

3. How to cancel Xperience Fitness gym membership via Letter:

For the Xperience, Fitness Blaine cancel membership through the letter here are the steps that need to be performed. Such as:

  • Visit the Xperience Fitness official website:
    First, visit the official website of Xperience Fitness to get the gym address.
  • Look for your Gym’s address:
    Next on the home page look for the address of your gym.
  • Compose a letter to cancel the membership:
    In the next step, compose a letter requesting to cancel the Xperience Fitness membership.
  • Provide the required information:
    Then, provide all the relevant details and information that has been already mentioned above.
  • Forward the letter through Certified Mail:
    Now, forward the letter in the form of certified mail to the address that was displayed on the home page as your gym location.
  • Ask for confirmation mail or number or you can even call to ensure the cancellation:
    Lastly, ask about the confirmation mail or the number or you can call the given contact number,  in order to confirm that the letter has been received successfully and on the mail on confirmation which may be needed in the future for reference.

Thus, this article will be a helping hand to you on Xperience Fitness and how to cancel your membership by choosing any of the methods that have been discussed above.

For any further queries dial the Customer care number and get immediate guidance on the cancellation of the Xperience Fitness membership account.

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