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How To Cancel Zety Subscription

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Zety is a tool that can be employed online to build resumes. This platform proposes various templates for resumes and alternatives to inscribe a cover letter with the assistance of its team.

One can simply sign up and get the annual or monthly subscription so as to access the different features on it.

In case, you are not satisfied with the service and desire to end it, then this page will guide you. Here we will illustrate Zety cancel subscription methods in a simple and easy way.

Zety Resume Cancel Subscription Methods On Own

In order to cancel Zety’s subscription, the company procures its members with some options to do so.

We shall now look at the methods one by one in detail.

How To Cancel Zety Subscription Through The Official Website

The procedure you need to follow to cancel the subscription via the website is as follows:

  1. Sign in to the Zety Account:

    To begin with, first, enter the username and the password to sign in to the account on Zety.

  2. Move to ‘Settings’:

    After that, move to the ‘My Settings section.

  3. Locate ‘More Information:

    In the next step, search and locate the option on ‘More Information.

  4. Hit on ‘Cancel My Subscription:

    Further, hit the button on ‘Cancel My Subscription.

The Zety representative will forward an email that will include a number confirming the request for cancellation once it has been processed.

Note: If you do not get the confirmation mail then make sure to contact the Customer service team.

How To Cancel Zety Subscription Through An Email

To manually cancel the subscription, you can directly contact the customer service agent with the help of an email and make it known on the request. The steps to perform are:

  • Compose a message:
    Firstly, you must compose a message requesting to cancel the subscription.
  • Include relevant information:
    Next, you must attach all the necessary details related to the account and also on personal information.
  • The request for cancellation must be clearly stated:
    Further, make sure that you state clearly the request to cancel the subscription on Zety.
  • Forward it to Zety’s email address:
    Now, forward the composed email to the Zety email address at
  • Response from Zety’s firm:
    Lastly, a confirmation email will be sent to you from the customer service team with certain instructions so as to complete the process of cancellation.

How to cancel the subscription to Zety Resume over the Phone

To cancel Zety over the Phone, the instructions you need to go through have been stated below:

Step1: Dial to Zety customer care number:
Call 800-985-7561, the phone number for Zety cancellation.

Step2: Talk to the agent about canceling the subscription:
Then, in response to the agent, tell them that now you wish to cancel the subscription.

Step3: Provide the essential information:
In the next step, you must provide all the essential details that are needed regarding the account.

Step4: Follow the directed instructions:
Lastly, talk and carefully follow the instructions prompted to successfully cancel the Zety subscription.

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