Kayak Cancellation Policy

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As Kayak belongs to the search engine and is not an online travel agency, thereby the cancellation policy that gets applied to the ticket will be dependent on the airline’s flight ticket which was bought on Kayak.

Here is the overview of the Kayak Airfare cancellation policy, upon the things you need to know before heading towards the cancellation steps.

Kayak Flight Cancellation Policy

Kayak Covid’s cancellation policy states that:

  • The ability on cancelling the ticket will be based on the rules of the airline on fares from which the ticket has been bought.
  • Any cancellations done via Kayak will be charged with the processing fee of Kayak including the fee of cancellation charged by the booked airlines.
  • Customers need to make the cancellation request at least 24 hours from the flight departure period.
  • If the cancellation of the ticket is not done before the departure then you might not be able to get the refund.
  • A refund request needs to be made within the validity duration of the purchased ticket. Also, remember that mostly the discounted tickets are either fully or partially non-refundable.
  • In the case of a partially used flight ticket that is eligible for a refund, the amount to be refunded will be evaluated on the portion which is unused. In case no value prevails then only the tax of the unused portion will get refunded.
  • For tickets that are purchased from a third party, users need to cancel the ticket directly by contacting a third-party team.
  • If airlines cancel your flight and offer alternative choices, but it doesn’t suit your travel, then you can ask to get a refund if your ticket fare condition permits.
  • Refunds will be subjected to the below deductions:
    The airline cancellation fee
    Support Packages, Administrative fees, or tips (the ones assessed as non-refundable).

Note: Cancelling the flight ticket is subject to the respective airline’s preference. Service charges paid to Kayak as a processing fee by the customers are of non-refundable type.

Kayak 24-hour cancellation policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy of Kayak is applicable to the United States market only.

According to the 24-hour cancellation policy de…, flyers who buy the ticket at least seven days from the departure date cancel within 24 hrs of booking.

  • Kayak platform will charge the processing fee of the amount 50 USD on the Basic Plan.
  • On Plus and Standard Plans, Kayak won’t charge the processing fee.

Kayak Flight Cancellation Policy on Free Cancellation

Under this policy, Kayak won’t charge any fee on cancellation if:

  • Customers cancel the Plus Plan or Standard plan flight ticket within 24 hrs of buying the ticket when it is for the U.S. market.
  • On cancelling the ticket on Plus Plan after 24 hour period.
  • On cancelling the ticket on Plus Plan for the non-U.S segment of the flight.

Kayak Cancellation Fee

As per the Kayak cancellation policy flight, the cancellation fee for processing the cancellation of a flight is:

  • On standard cancellation: 100USD
  • On canceling the Standard plan within 24 hours from the booking: 50 USD
  • On Plus Plan: 0USD.

How do I cancel a Kayak Flight Ticket:

According to Kayak’s cancellation policy flight, passengers can cancel the booked ticket on Kayak by getting in touch with the airline’s customer service team from which they have bought the ticket.

The other method is to visit at kayak.com flight cancellation page online and make the desired changes under the ‘Bookings’ section.

In many cases, it is preferred to contact directly to its service provider team.

Note: The request for the cancellation of the ticket must be made before 24 hours from the scheduled time of departure.

Kayak Refund Policy

Flight tickets that are eligible for the refund get issued within twenty working days on debit or credit card purchases.

Yet, to be reflected on the statement it might take 1-2 billing cycles.

The refunds will be credited in the initial payment mode in most of the cases but can be made through some other modes (like Pay Pal) with an exception.

Hence, to learn more additional information on the Kayak cancellation policy to cancel the ticket, you can dial Kayak’s Customer Support Care service at  1-855-920-9942 or go to the kayak.com cancellation policy page.