City Sports Club Cancel Membership

City Sports Club Cancel Membership

Want to cancel your City Sports Club membership? Here we go with the method on how you can achieve it.

Through this article, we shall discuss and cover the topic on to cancel my City Sports Club Membership.

How to Cancel City Sports Club membership

For City Sports Club membership cancel, stated below are the steps you must require to cancel:

  1. Log In to the City Sports Club account:

    To begin with the City Sports Club cancellation process the first thing you need to do is to log in to the account with the relevant details.

  2. Navigate to ‘Account Information:

    In the next step, move to the section on ‘Account Information.

  3. Click ‘Cancellation Form’:

    Now, click the form on cancellation to enter the details to cancel the account with City Sports Club.

  4. Fill out the Form:

    Next, you must fill in the form with the required correct details.

  5. Mail it to its provided address:

    Once the form has been filled, mail the form to the given address through certified mail.

  6. A letter of confirmation will be sent to you:

    Lastly, a letter confirming the City Sports Club cancellation will be sent to you at your registered mail/email address.

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