First Energy Cancel Service

First Energy is known as the largest owned electric system by investors, connecting the regions of the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic and a regulated bringing fleet having a capacity of over 3,500 MW.

If you wish to end the contract with First Energy you can make a cancellation request. Finding it difficult to cancel the services here is the article that will let you cancel First Energy Service.

How do I cancel my My Energy Electric Solutions? 

When you decide to cancel the service or move to a new location, the information regarding canceling should be provided to the company. You need to request customer service by using the available options as mentioned in the cancellation policy of First Energy. You can write an email, use the online form or call the Contact Center and request for cancellation of the service.

You can cancel an energy contract in the first month. Generally, the first date to cancel should be one of the business days. The date you choose should be an open day for the company. In some cases, if the company is full with the dates then you cannot make any selection to move out of the service.

Here are some of the points that you need to take care of:-

  • The cancellation requests are expected to be furnished by the owner of a residence, landlord, or relative.
  • Also, make sure that the day you cancel the service you will not require the service. You can also change the date to the next working date in order to use the service on the day you first selected.
  • Final Bills will be forwarded to the address you provided.

How to cancel my energy service with the first energy 

If you want to cancel First Energy Auto Payment then you can reach out to customer service by calling the support team over the phone.

The following steps that you need to follow:-

  1. Dial -888-544-4877 and wait to connect your call.
  2. Once the call is answered, ask to talk with the representative.
  3. Give them your details related to the account that you wish to cancel.
  4. Request to cancel the auto payments. When you make a request to cancel the account the payments that are auto-debited as per your selected plan also get canceled automatically.
  5. The notification of canceling confirmation will be provided through email or letter.

The other way to request a customer representative to cancel FirstEnergy is online. Fill up the online form by clicking

You can also write a letter to request canceling that you are moving to a different location or you no longer wish to remain on FirstEnergy Plans. Send the letter to:

FirstEnergy Corp.
76 South Main Street
Akron, Ohio 44308

What is the First Energy cancellation fee

Try opting out of the service after canceling the contract with the current provider. If you move out then you will be asked to pay for early termination. Sometimes your cancellation fee is higher in that case pay the termination fee and then switch to a new provider. Ask for the confirmation number and note down the date you requested to cancel the service.

NOPEC’s first energy cancellation notice mailer 

FirstEnergy intends to discontinue service with NOPEC. As NOPEC and FES are in a contract dispute not prepared to clarify, involving falling in wholesale prices along with discounts of consumer prices negotiated by NOPEC.

FirstEnergy does not wish to supply energy to 500,000 customers living in twelve countries represented by NOPEC.

FES claims in the dispute that payments involve NOPEC directly. So, FirstEnergy canceled the contract with NOPEC. 

First Energy Ohio cancellation fee

In order to cancel the service you need to inform 3 days in advance as mentioned in the contract clause. 

In case the property is not vacant by everyone, a notice of 10-day occupancy will be created.

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