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Foxtel Now Cancel Subscription

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Foxtel Now is a company that has been providing a varied range of live channels and on-demand streaming channels to the people of Australia since 2013. It delivers channels on reality tv, sport, movies, documentaries, news, and many more.

Yet, due to the upcoming of more streaming platforms in the market, many of the users may decide to cancel Foxtel Now and wishes to earn experience on a new platform. So whatever the reason it may be, if you want to cancel your Foxtel Now subscription, you just got into the right page. Here we are with the steps on canceling Foxtel Now.

How to cancel Foxtel Now subscription

Below mentioned are the steps that we need to follow in order to cancel my Foxtel Now Subscription:

  1. Login to the account:

    To begin, first, visit through any preferred web browser on the device and then log in to the account on Foxtel Now.

  2. Tap on ‘My Account:

    In the next step, on the Main menu, select the section on ‘My Account.

  3. Hit on ‘Cancel Subscription:

    Now, by going through the option on My Account, select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab. They may ask you the reason behind canceling the subscription and confirm the desire to cancel the ‘Foxtel Now’ once again.

  4. Make confirmation if the account has been canceled:

    Finally, after going through all the stated points, one must double-check the status of the subscription showing the end date of the subscription.


It is good if users check the statement of their bank on the following date of billing to avoid any sort of unwanted charges.

Hence, by simply following the steps that have been discussed above one can easily perform cancellation of the subscription conveniently. For any further assistance, you can reach out to Foxtel Now via it social media platform.

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