General Assembly Cancellation Policy,

General Assembly Cancellation Policy

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General Assembly, is considered a light for those who want to do something innovative in life, transforming one’s career to such a level it is a must in order to compete in today’s era. It’s important to specialize in demanding skills so the General Assembly is a better option. Helping in building and flourishing to become professionals in the careers they value.

General Assembly helps the users to take their knowledge to the next level but what if you do not receive the expected service that it should offer? At one point in time, you no longer wish to keep the subscription. Now what to do next? You want to cancel the General Assembly subscription, not able to do so. We are to assist with this simple guide in order to cancel the subscription.

How to cancel the General Assembly?

You will be happy to learn that the subscription to the General Assembly can be canceled whenever you feel that you are no longer benefited or wish to opt out without any reason, cancellations can be done anytime.

If any user subscribes to a General Assembly plan, they can still cancel the subscription without stating any reason. You can start the course and if you do not want to remain in the subscription plan cancel it anytime.

Those who wish to acquire a full refund need to cancel the service within 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Refunds will be allotted to them in 7 working days just after submitting the request for cancellation to the General Assembly.

There are methods to reach customer service for cancellation requests at Inform them that you want to opt out of the subscription.  

General Assembly has the right to modify the refund rules without providing any notice to the users. Even with any upcoming modification to the policy, the refund norms in effect at the period of the transaction will still apply to the purchase.

If you are thinking of canceling the subscription after the surpass of 14 days then no refunds will be given. Here the mentioned refund policy does not apply to customers who opt for the General Assembly on-demand learning paths subscription.

Individuals can directly cancel the subscription by delivering an email and once the email is received a refund will be provided to your account.

As per the General Assembly NYC Course Cancellation Policy, if you are unable to cancel the subscription you can request assistance at

UN General Assembly 2020 Cancelled

Due to the pandemic Covid 19, the United Nations General Assembly was canceled in the year 2020, according to the protocol no gathering of people was allotted.

Netanyahu Cancels Trip To UN General Assembly 

The trip was canceled due to the results of the Israel Elections uncertainty.

UUA General Assembly Cancelation 

The General Assembly 2020 of UUA was canceled due to the worst scenario of Covid 19.

General Assembly Weather Cancellation Policy 

Issues for the UN General Assembly, Climate Reparations, Remaking the financial system, Clean energy transitions, Bridging the 1.5C gap, and Vanuatu’s quest for climate justice were the concerns.

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Need Help To Cancel?
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