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Concern about canceling the GoSkippy Car Insurance, you are at the right folio. Going through the page you can learn about whether Can I cancel my car insurance with GoSkippy, GoSkippy cancellation charges, GoSkippy cancellation contact number, GoSkippy cancellation address, etc.

Brief on GoSkippy Car Insurance: GoSkippy offers insurance at reasonable prices for vehicles, and also insurance on travels and homes. People have purchased car insurance on GoSkippy but many were not satisfied and opted for better policies. You need to be aware of the cancellation policy and request a refund.

Canceling Policy for my Insurance with GoSkippy:

As per the cancellation policy of GoSkippy, there is a return period of 14 days starting from the purchase date. If you request a cancellation after 14 days still your cancellation will be accepted. Refunds will be furnished excluding the administrative fees and also the charges for cancellation charge if requested in 14 days. In case the request is made after surpassing 14 days, you will be required to pay charges on cancellation and the refund money will be less compared to requests made in 2 weeks period. 

The refunds are considered on the account types without being filed claims or against the norms.

GoSkippy Cancellation within 2 weeks of the purchase date:-

If you are a citizen of the UK, you can enjoy consumer protection under Consumer Contracts Regulations for the subscriptions that the insurance offers. You can likely request a refund in full by canceling the current insurance on GoSkippy. It protects you from compulsive purchases, deceptive subscriptions, and membership for stolen cards.

Here, the fee for cancellation is less, and the refund money excludes the administrative charges.

The charges were:-

  • cancellation charge-$35
  • The fee for direct debit setup is $5 
  • Subtraction of pro rata return
  • Paid premium in Full refund
  • Fee on Pro-rata subtraction on annual policy arrangement 

GoSkippy Car Insurance canceling after 14 days:-

If you request to cancel after the 14-day period ends, you need to pay higher cancellation charges and refund money will be minimum. In case, you have not made any claim on the insurance you will get a good ransom but excluding the higher amount of cancellation charges and administration charges.

The fee for canceling is $75, the Direct Debit setup charge is $5, premium excluding the Pro-Rata amount. The full cost for add-ons will be required to return. Upgrade cost of RAC breakdown returned pro rata.

How do I cancel my GoSkippy Car Insurance?

You can cancel the insurance with GoSkippy Online. Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete the cancellation procedure:

  1. Visit the GoSkippy webpage and search for the Cancellation Form onsite.
  2. You need to make sure to keep the required details handy:
    • The name in full 
    • Valid Email ID in order to contact you for information related to cancellation.
    • What is the Type of your Vehicle?
    • The number under where your vehicle is registered.
    • Date of canceling.
    • Time to cancel.
    • The valid reason for leaving the insurance.
  3. Once you answer all the questions asked you can Click the Send option.

You will be notified via email that the insurance is canceled.

There are other ways like via email and over the phone to cancel the car insurance as per GoSkippy Policy.

  • Write your issue to the address at
  • Contact customer number at 0344-840-6302 for GoSkippy cancellation.

Sometimes, GoSkippy does not wish to let the customers go. They convince in such a manner by offering offers on the insurance that they decide to not cancel the subscription. 


GoSkippy cancellation charges

$35 will be charged as a cancellation fee if requested in 14 days and if requested after 14 days then pay $75 as a cancellation fee.

GoSkippy cancellation contact number

Other than the online mode to cancel the insurance with GoSkippy you can select the options below to directly contact the customer team on cancellation.


You can also choose the option Start Live Chat at the site and click the Contact Us option.

Wrapping up, you will be now able to cancel the Car Insurance with GoSkippy. Any further queries related to the cancellation of the insurance can be contacted by calling the customer team directly.

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