How to cancel Direct Energy

What is Direct Energy cancellation, Does direct energy have a cancellation fee, direct energy water heater rental cancellation, direct energy 3-day cancellation, direct energy cancellation policy, etc? Such questions gradually come to mind when you want to discontinue the services at Direct Energy.

What is Direct Energy Cancellation Policy

Direct Energy primarily delivers natural gas and power services to customers. Some customers might receive plans like home protection that include maintenance as well as repair of the home appliances. 

Direct Energy delivers plans with free weekends to customers. Just check the zip code online if the plan is accessible in your location. This plan charges a fixed rate of kw per hour in the week. After that from Friday to Sunday no charges for the usage of the electricity. Plans will end on cancellation of the contract.

If you are lucky enough you can enjoy free nights with the plan at Direct Energy by paying a fixed rated amount as per the contract. No charges are included for the usage of electricity at night.

You need to select plans from Direct Energy at your disposal, do not forget to check the contract before terminating the plans like Water Heater Rental Cancellation at Direct Energy. Contracts last long and on deciding to switch to different providers you need to pay a fee for early termination.

Whether you are a residential or business customer, paying Direct Energy bills can be done using the methods like phone, by mail, online, AutoPay, and one-time payments.

What is the method to cancel Direct Energy Regulated Services 

If you do not want the services anymore then you can cancel it by contacting customer support. In case you want to use a service from a different provider, you still need to cancel the previous contract to enter into a new one.

Here are the steps that you need to follow up on in order to complete the cancellation process on the phone:-

  1. Call -1-855-461-9824 for customer service support.
  2. Wait to answer the call and then request a representative to assist with your problem.
  3. You need to provide the necessary information about your account. Check for the contract period before canceling the energy service. This will help you to learn whether you will be charged any termination fee or not.
  4. Request to cancel the Auto Debit option along with the account.
  5. A confirmation email will be delivered once the representative scans through the information provided are valid and true. After this, your account will be canceled at Direct Energy.

You can also use the alternative option to make a request for cancelling the service at Direct Energy. Visit the website Login to the account then head to the Account Manager option. View the plan on Account Management. On that page, you will see the Cancel option just tap on it.

Fill up the online form stating the answers asked in the specified fields. Click on Submit and wait for a response from one of the representatives.

The request for cancellation should be made 3 days before by calling customer service at -1-866-420-3174.

Does Direct Energy have a cancellation fee? 

If you made up your mind to cancel Direct Energy and the contract period of the plan is available then you need to pay the fee of $150 for early termination and for the duel fuel contract pay $300 on cancellation.

In case you are transferring to a new location no fee will be charged for canceling the contract although you have some period left on the contract.

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