How to cancel Fitbit Coach

Fitbit is a platform where you can acquire products on fitness to stay fit and motivated to boost your health by tracking exercises, activities, food, etc through wearable technology, activity trackers, and monitoring physical fitness. Fitbit offers a premium plan and those who want to enjoy the services offered need to subscribe to the plan.

During the pandemic when people were very much concerned about their health such type of online platforms gain popularity helping people to boost their health. In 2020, 21M users subscribed to the Fitbit premium plan.

Although Fitbit is the most downloaded app, still some users may not find it worth using. Subscribers can select a coach to guide them in their diet, exercises, etc. If your health is not progressing and not wish to continue with the Fitbit Coach Subscription then you can cancel the services.

On this page, a guide to follow up on the techniques to cancel a Fitbit subscription.

How do I cancel my Fitbit Coach Subscription:

Cancellation of the subscription of Fitbit can be processed by following the different methods that will be discussed below:

You can go to the Fitbit app and cancel the subscription relying on the application’s steps might vary.

Can Fitbit Coach be canceled on the Desktop:

Signing up for a Fitbit account using your Desktop version you need to follow the canceling procedure on the same gadget.

Go through the instruction to complete the canceling steps:

  1. Visit Fitbit on the computer:

    Type Fitbit and enter the page using the login details of the account.

  2. Tap the Gear button:

    Moving to the main page, click the Gear option.

  3. Settings:

    Next, find the Settings tab and click on it.

  4. Choose Subscriptions and Payments:

    After that, you need to tap the “Subscriptions and Payments” option.

  5. Edit button:

    Tap the Edit tab.

  6. Subscription to be canceled:

    Lastly, pick the option  “Cancel Subscription”.

If the trial period is On then you cannot cancel the Fitbit subscription. Not to worry as Fitbit also have an app that will lead you to terminate the subscription with ease.

Fitbit Coach cancellation manually

  1. Type and then add the login details which helps you to move to the account.
  2. Entering the page you will see your name just click on it.
  3. Tap the Settings tab.
  4. Pick “Subscriptions and Payments” in the following step.
  5. Tap on Edit and terminate the plan.

With this, your account will be canceled.

How do I cancel Fitbit Coach on the app:

App users can eliminate the Fitbit subscription on Android or iOS devices depending on the devices they are utilizing.

iOS users need to follow the steps below:-

  1. Tap on Settings on the iOS device.
  2. Choose “Apple ID”.
  3. Tap on “Subscriptions”.
  4. Search “Fitbit” from the list then tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

Mac users need to move to App Store and proceed to the profile section or pick the option “Store”. Tap on “View My Account”. Select “Manage”, and then find  “Subscription” next to it. Select the subscription and last tap on the Cancel button.

Android users should go through the following instructions:-

  1. Download the app from Play Store.
  2. Proceed to the Profile section.
  3. Next, pick the “Payments & Subscriptions” option.
  4. Tap on “Subscriptions”.
  5. Choose “Fitbit” if you wish to cancel the subscription.
  6. Hit the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  7. Tap Confirm to complete cancellation.

If you forgot to cancel before renewal then the plan will still be continued till the end of the cycle.

FAQs:- Cancel Fitbit Coach

How can I cancel using Microsoft Fitbit Subscription?

1. Heading the Microsoft page and entering the login info of Fitbit.
2. Pick the “Services & Subscriptions” option.
3. Search “Fitbit,” then pick the “Manage” tab. 
4. Choose “Cancel,” to eliminate the premium plan.
5. Make sure to confirm the termination.

Do I need to contact customer care for a Fitbit membership?

If you fail to cancel the membership then contact customer support to guide you in terminating the membership. Click on the Contact Us option on the app to receive assistance from the support team.

How to move to Monthly Plan on Fitbit?

When you decide to cancel your yearly premium and wish to take up monthly plans then just unsubscribe from the first plan.

Wrapping up, hope you can now able to terminate the Fitbit Versa Coach Subscription.

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