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In order to get a perfect job, a perfect CV needs to be furnished. Once you have the dream job you can cancel the CV subscription. Canceling the subscription can be a difficult task, especially if you are unsure of the steps involved.

Here in this article, we will provide you with a manual to make the process of canceling the CV subscription smoothly.

A good CV always leads to acquiring a better job. The skills, capabilities, and personality together can be assessed through the CV. There are numerous sites available to create your CV in the best possible ways and today’s list is on the My Perfect CV which you can use to create a CV.

If you wish to cancel the subscription to My Perfect CV, reach out to customer care and make a request to close the account using the service number or it can be processed manually on the webpage.

How do I cancel my subscription to My Perfect CV?

On My Perfect CV, you can find numerous templates to create a CV as per your requirement and also there are experts to guide you, still, you might not be satisfied with the progress. There might be another reason that you already got a job using the subscription or just wish to go for a free trial and check how it works and once you surpass the period you made up to cancel the subscription.

The company offers two options such as a request for cancellation of AUX My Perfect CV Subscription over the phone and Online.

Let’s discuss the methods of how to proceed with the steps to complete the cancellation process.

Cancel My Perfect CV Subscription using the service number

Dial -0808-189-0676 to talk to customer support in order to request for canceling the subscription. The option is suitable for users who want to connect to the support team directly. This does not keep any loopholes and is processed as soon as possible.

Make sure to have the details related to the account at hand and this would be easier for the rep to follow up the cancellation process without any difficulty. Also, be sure to ask for the confirmation message that your account subscription is no longer available and no further charges are applied to.

You can reach customer service at 24/7 but this might be a longer process. Still, you can connect them using the number to get quick results.

How to cancel a Subscription at My Perfect CV Online

By evaluating the subscription needs, you can make a more informed conclusion considering cancellation and confidently move along with the process. Let’s explore the steps to cancel the Perfect CV subscription.

  1. Log in to the Account:

    Visit the official Perfect CV website and log in to the account using the User ID and Password.

  2. Navigate to Subscription Settings:

    Once logged in, go to the account settings. Search for the option to cancel the account. Fill up the form online and submit the request for cancellation.

  3. Get a Code:

    Once you submit the request a code will be delivered over email. You need to type the number and confirm the cancellation.

If you do not receive the code you need to contact customer service to resolve the issue.

If the procedure is performed with the correct steps then surely your account subscription will be canceled and the refund process will be initiated. If your account has an ongoing subscription, you need to wait till the billing period ends.

After canceling the subscription, keep an eye on the bank statements as well as credit cards in order to ensure that no further charges are incurred. If you notice any unexpected charges or if the subscription is not canceled as predicted, promptly reach out to Perfect CV’s customer support again to address the issue.

Also, maintain the records of cancellations by saving the emails or documents received from Perfect CV. With the documents, you can provide the records as proof in the near future.


Canceling the My Perfect CV subscription is a straightforward process with simple steps.  Following the provided steps, you can seamlessly navigate through the procedure. Remember to seek support when needed, explore alternatives, and reassess the subscription decision to optimize future CV-building initiatives.

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