How To Cancel Netflix Subscription

Cancel Netflix Subscription

Netflix and Chill is the new trend on the list of everyone. Especially the global lockdown because of Covid-19 has led to an increase in Netflix subscriptions. But, lately, it has been noticed that Netflix subscriptions have witnessed a lot of cancellations maybe because the unlock amid all the countries is occurring slowly. The Google search for “How to cancel Netflix” has been increasing at a Titanic speed.

People have been getting back to their work lives and Netflix and chill is not the drill anymore. It is okay to binge-watch your favorite series and

  • Start your device (computer, phone (iPhone or Android), laptop)
  • Once your device is ready, just make sure you have access to the internet and open the app (Netflix)
  • After opening the app (NetFlix), you will have to log in to it by simply entering the credentials of your account like the registered phone number or the registered email Id along with the password. 
  • Once you log in to your Netflix account you will witness an icon on the top right corner of the screen for which you must make a selection on that icon. The icon will help you know all of the users that are using the app to watch their favorite series or movies. 
  • After clicking on the icon it will inaugurate the menu, from which you make a selection on the “Account” tab in order to open the account’s membership menu.
  • Once you perform the aforementioned steps you will witness the account data. A menu will open up from which you will have to select the option of “Membership & Billing”, 
  • Now choose the option of “Cancel Membership” after the aforementioned steps.
  • After you perform the above-mentioned step, the page will take you to the option where you will have to confirm that you are ready for the account cancellation. For the same, you will have to make a selection on the “Finish Cancellation” tab to effectively cancel the Netflix membership.
  • After the aforementioned steps, you will have access to the streaming cooperation. Please know that it will only be possible until the next billing time comes up.

Wondering How to Cancel Your Netflix Account From T-Mobile?

In case you do not know how to cancel your Netflix membership from T mobile then you must follow the steps mentioned below for the same:

  1. In case you have significant exposure to Netflix via T-Mobile, you will need to go to the service provider’s homepage to execute the cancellation process. 
  2. After you have registered into the T-Mobile profile, you will have to choose “Manage Add-Ons” underneath the segment termed “I Want To.”
  3. Upon accessing the incorporate-on page, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the “Services” area. There will also be dual Netflix accounts which you can use via the app. Unselect the checkbox by the first you are registered to.
  4. A notification will keep popping up though you should know that, if you delete it, you would no longer get direct exposure to the Netflix subscription. To uninstall transactions to Netflix via T-Mobile, press the “Continue Withdrawal” icon.
  5. After you have executed the aforementioned step you need to scroll to the base of the homepage and then make a selection on the  “Continue” tab in order to remove Netflix.
  6. You won’t have to pay for Netflix anymore via T-Mobile. And for the remaining portion of your payment period, you will securely connect to that service. 
  7. Considering that you’ve actually discontinued Netflix, you should settle back and enjoy realizing that you’re not having to pull the money out of your account each month.

How To Cancel Netflix on phone through Google Play?

In case you pay for Netflix via your Google Play account then please note that you will also have to go via it to withdraw the service. Below are the steps mentioned for you to know how to cancel Netflix on your phone through Google Play:

  • Before beginning with the process you need to be sure that you have access to the internet. 
  • Visit the official site of google play which is in order to begin the process. 
  • Now simply log in to the Google account, in case you have not already. You can simply log in by entering your credentials like registered username, registered id, and registered number along with the password.
  • Now you just have to locate Netflix in the list of subscriptions that appeared on the screen 
  • After this hit the link that says cancel.
  • The very exact procedure would work if you want to terminate your Netflix subscription on your Android device using the Google Play Store app.
  • Now you have to open Google Play Store on your device like a phone, laptop, or tablet.
  • Now select the Menu icon.
  • Make a selection on the Account.
  • Make a selection of the Subscriptions
  • Make a selection on the option of Netflix, and then you need to hit the cancel option.

In case you are now aware of how to cancel your Netflix account with the help of the aforementioned steps then we are glad to help. But if you need to know more about how to cancel a Netflix subscription then visit the official website of Netflix for the same.

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