How to Cancel Pure Flix Subscription?

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Pure Flix is a popular streaming service that contributes a broad preference for family-friendly content. However, there might be instances when you expect to cancel the Pure Flix subscription for different reasons.

On this page, we will walk you through the phases of canceling the Pure Flix subscription without much difficulty. There are other topics related to Pure Flix cancellation like can you cancel pure flix anytime, how to cancel pure flix on roku, and cancel pure flix free trial.

How to cancel the Free Trial at Pure Flix

Pure Flix delivers a free trial period of seven days. But if you select the yearly or monthly subscription after the end of the trial period, you need to pay the charges as included.

If you cancel the trial period before its end you are no longer subscribed to any Pure Flix subscription.

How can I cancel my Pure Flix Subscription

Cancellation of the subscription can be canceled anytime. 

Here are the following steps involved to complete the cancellation procedure:

  1. Access the Account

    In order to cancel the subscription, you will require to access the account on the Pure Flix website or the app whichever is available. You need to enter the Login details and then tap on the Login tab.

  2. Hover to Subscription Settings

    As you tap the Login button, head to the Profile Section from the menu tab or click the User icon. Next, select the Subscriptions option.

  3. Review the Subscription Details

    Moving to the Subscription category, you can see the details about the current subscription, incorporating the billing process and the charges incurred. Take a point to assure you are at the right account and that the information displayed about the subscription is correct.

  4. Pick the option “Cancel Subscription”

    Next, tap the “Cancel Subscription” tab. The option will be located near the subscription details option. Now, hit to generate the process of cancellation.

  5. Pick the Reason

    Some platforms might raise a question for you to furnish the cancellation reason. This stage is generally optional, but delivering feedback can be useful for the service provider.

  6. Confirm Cancellation

    As you pick the reason from available options now you need to confirm the cancellation. Click on the Confirm tab and the subscription will be scheduled for cancellation.

  7. Receive Confirmation

    A confirmation message will be sent by Pure Flix after canceling the subscription. Ensure to check on the inbox of the email to receive confirmation on cancellation.

  8. Verify the Account Status

    In order to be specific that the subscription is canceled, go to the account by tapping logging in again, and checking the status of the subscription. It should now reflect that the subscription is no longer active.

  9. End of Billing Cycle

    The subscription will remain active till the current billing period ends and you can continue surfing the service, and after the end of the period entry to Pure Flix’s content will be prohibited.

You can also remove the payment mode which is optional just for safety and peace of mind from the Pure Flix account after withdrawing the subscription.

In case you fail to cancel the subscription, Pure Fli will continue charging the plans you are subscribed to.

There are some issues you might encounter on canceling the account of Pure Flix:

When there is no option to cancel the subscription:

If you do not find the cancel tab in the Membership section, this might indicate that your account is already inactive or canceled. Reset the password to get into the account.

Cancelling Pure Flix on Roku:

If you have subscribed to a Pure Flix account using your Roku device, you can cancel the account on Roku or by using the webpage.

Pure Flix subscription can be cancelled in the mid of the monthly subscription but they do not provide prorated credit. You can enjoy the services till the billing period comes to an end. No refunds are available in such situations.

You cannot suspend or pause a subscription because this option is not applicable. If you paid for the subscription you have access to the content till the period ends.


Canceling the Pure Flix subscription is a simple process that requires just a few steps. By pursuing this handbook, you can smoothly discontinue the membership whenever you sense it’s necessary. Check your email inbox regularly till the cancellation process is completed.

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