How To Cancel Tonal Membership

Are you in search of ways through which one can cancel a Tonal membership? This blog will answer all of your concerns about canceling Tonal.

Tonal is a platform as a home gym which is an outstanding option for both beginners as well as intermediate weight lifters. It presents floor workouts such as Yoga, barre, and Pilates. It’s a reasonable choice for people who need a home gym and small space and a minimum number of equipment is enough. With the membership of Tonal one can surely fuel their mind and also strengthen the body.

But the experience or situations may not be the same. Members may feel the desire to cancel their membership on Tonall for some or the other senses.

So on this page, we have illustrated the possible methods for canceling Tonal in simple and easy steps.

Can you cancel the Tonal membership?

Yes, members can easily go for canceling Tonal Membership by obeying the agreement.

At the time of purchasing the membership, Tonal offers an initial contract of 12 months. In this period, members are not permitted to end their membership. Once this one-year contract is over, then one can go with Tonal and cancel membership at any moment.

Methods On Tonal membership Cancel

Tonal provides two methods by which members can choose to cancel the membership account i.e. through an Email or Over Call. These methods are explained in detail here:

How Do I Cancel My Tonal Membership Over the Phone

Here it is to get in touch with the Tonal customer support team for Tonal membership cancellation over the Phone:

  • Firstly, dial the Tonal customer service phone number at 855-MY-TONAL or (855) 698-6625.
  • Once the call gets responded to, request the representative to cancel the Tonal subscription account on your behalf.
  • Make sure to furnish all the details of the membership account and contact number so that the rep can proceed with the cancellation.
  • Once the process is completed a confirmation email will be sent by the Tonal team to the members’ registered email ID or phone number.

How To Cancel Tonal Membership Through Email

The following method is to reach out to the support team via email. Below are the step-by-step guide on canceling Tonal Membership by sending an Email:

  1. First, type an email to make a cancellation request for your Tonal Membership account.
  2. Under the subject tab simply write as ‘Cancel Tonal Membership’.
  3. Deliver all the information that is related to the membership and also personal details like phone number and registered email ID in the composed email.
  4. Next, forward the email to the Tonal official email ID at
  5. The support team will respond to the email with the cancellation steps or confirmation email within 24 hours.

Bottom Lines:

Hence, we came to the end of this guide and can state that although Tonal provides several excellent services that do not require much equipment and space circumstances may arise to cancel the membership account. Members can go with any of these aforesaid methods and can effortlessly achieve ending the Tonal Membership.

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