How To Cancel TracFone Service

In the fast-paced digital world, mobile gadgets have been considered an important aspect of our lives. However, situations change, and so does the mobile service required. Canceling a service provider, such as TracFone, might be difficult, but with the right guidance, the process can be smooth and breezy. 

Here, on this page, we will be discussing the methods to cancel TracFone Service, ensuring you understand the strategy and making the transition to a new service provider seamlessly.

A brief on TracFone:-

TracFone offers prepaid wireless service with pay-as-you-go and monthly service choices without the necessity for a contract. TracFone operates as a mobile virtual network operator which implies it doesn’t own its wireless infrastructure. Instead, it rents network service from major carriers like AT&T, Verizon,  T-Mobile, and Sprint, permitting TracFone to provide nationwide coverage.

Benefits like – No Contract, Nationwide Coverage, No Credit Checks, and Pay as you Go options will also be accessible.

Although TracFone offers great services still some reasons lead to cancellation:-

  • Poor Coverage
  • Limited Data
  • Customer Service Issue
  • Device Compatibility
  • Billing Problems

Let’s have a look at the cancellation procedure to complete the process with ease.

How do I cancel my TracFone Account?

You might feel that subscribing to a service at TracFone means that you are locked via a Contract. But no case with TracFone because you can easily cancel them anytime.

First, you need to understand the policies before the cancellation process. Aware of TracFone’s terms and conditions as this outlines any penalties, fees, or contract obligations associated with canceling the service. It’s necessary to be aware of these details to make an informed decision and avoid unexpected charges.

Here are the steps to cancel TracFone Service:-

  • Go through the TracFone contract to figure out the terms of cancellation. Note any early termination fees or requirements for notifying the company.
  • Reach out to TracFone customer service by phone or online. Be prepared to provide the account info and reason for cancellation. TracFone representatives will guide you through the cancellation process, incorporating any outstanding balances or fees.
  • If you desire to keep the current phone number, inquire about the porting process. TracFone will deliver you with a unique account number and PIN essential for transferring the number to a fresh service provider.
  • If you rented a phone or any equipment from TracFone, follow the instructions for returning the items. In case failure to return leased equipment might result in extra charges.
  • If the account is set up with automatic payments, make sure to cancel them to avoid any future charges after the cancellation procedure is complete.
  • After following the provided instructions and speaking with TracFone’s customer service, verify that the service has been successfully canceled. Keep a note of any confirmation numbers or email communications for reference.

How to cancel TracFone Service Online

Follow 7 Steps

  1. Visit the webpage of TracFone:

    Open your preferred web browser and click on the official Tracfone website.

  2. Login to the account:

    Navigate to the ‘My Account’ section and Sign in to the Tracfone account with the details.

  3. Access the Account Settings:

    Once logged in, find the ‘Account Settings’ option.

  4. Search for the TracFone Plan:

    Click on the Value Plan and tap the Cancel button.

  5. Select the Service to Cancel:

    Pick the service using the Serial Number Enrollment.

  6. Follow the prompts:

    Tracfone will guide you through the cancellation technique with a sequel of prompts. You might be inquired of to confirm the decision and provide a reason for canceling. Be sure to read all the information carefully and follow the instructions on the screen.

  7. Check for Confirmation:

    After canceling the service, it’s a good idea to check the email or the TracFone account for a confirmation message. This serves as proof of the cancellation request.

How do I cancel Auto Refill on TracFone?

You can reach out to make a cancellation request over the call at -1-800-965-4836. Wait for the rep to answer the call. Ask them to cancel the account with the Auto-Refill option. They will inquire about the details of the account so keep the info handy so that you can deliver them when asked.

In most cases, the rep will try to convince you to keep the account. You need to be determined that you want to cancel the service. Also, state to them the issue you are facing. They will send you the confirmation message on cancellation.

Be sure to check that the bank account is not charged with TracFone services anymore.

You have to return the device if you own any. Return it or repurpose it for other benefits. Make sure to remove any personal data before doing so.


Canceling the Tracfone service is not a difficult task. By observing the approaches provided by Tracfone and paying attention to the details, you can smoothly deactivate the account. Remember, always keep a record of the cancellation confirmation for future reference.

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