How to Cancel Sun Country Flight Ticket

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The time has passed when canceling the flight bookings seems to be hectic. Yet, airlines try to modify the procedure of cancellation and its policies so that it helps the flyers to manage the made booking easily.

Likewise, if there are customers who booked their flight on Sun Country Airlines and have a query regarding the cancellation of the flight and its modified policies, then they can go through this page in order to clear the confusion.

Sun Country Cancellation Policy

The Sun Country Cancellation Policy comprises the following points:-

  • According to the sun country 24-hour cancellation policy, if a Sun Country flight ticket has been canceled by the passenger within 24 hrs of the purchase, then he/she will be eligible to receive a complete refund.
  • On canceling the ticket after 24 hours have passed from the purchase, then customers may be required to pay the fee on cancellation which depends on the type of fare.
  • Passengers need to cancel the tickets by employing the application of the airline or through the manage booking section.
  • Once the request for cancellation is submitted, the refund is initiated within 3-4 working days (if eligible).
  • To get rid of the cancellation fee one must cancel the ticket within twenty hours hrs of booking and receive a full refund.
  • In order to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, then the passengers need to book the flight within a minimum of seven days from the departure date.
  • To cancel the flight because of the sudden death of a family member or relative, then flyers can apply for the cancellation of the ticket on the departure date.
  • As per Sun Country’s COVID cancellation policy, customers can cancel the booked ticket anytime and can reschedule the flight or may ask for a complete refund on the booked flight ticket.

How to cancel Sun Country flight

Under Sun Country Flight Cancellation policy, the method to cancel a flight is as follows:-

i. To cancel a flight Online

The steps one needs to follow are:-

  1. Go to the official website of Sun Country Airlines page.
  2. Next, tap the tab on ‘Manage Booking’.
  3. Now, enter the details of the booking and then proceed.
  4. In the next step, passengers need to look for the eligibility of the reservation and also confirm the cancellation of the flight ticket.
  5. Once confirmation of the cancellation is initiated, customers will be offered the information in order to proceed with the refund.

ii. To cancel a flight over the Phone

Here are the points one must include to cancel the flight bookings over the Phone:-

  1. Call the Sun Country Airlines customer service phone number.
  2. Hold for a while for IVR to launch and select the preferred option such as ticket cancellation.
  3. In a response to the representative, you must furnish the information of the reservation so as to confirm the flight cancellation.
  4. On confirmation of the cancellation, customers can go for a refund and further manage the planned trips.

Sun Country Airlines Covid Cancellation Policy

In this Covid-19 situation, Sun Country realizes that the cancellation policy needs to be somewhat flexible. For this, the airlines have made a few modifications to their policy which include the below-stated points:

  • Customers can cancel their flight booking anytime online. Still, they will receive the refund in credit form.
  • The refund validity is 1 year. Thereby, customers are required to redeem the refunded credit within the stipulated time.
  • Canceling tickets sixty days or less than that before the departure date must pay the cancellation fee that is applied.

Cancellation Policy Sun Country Refund

  1. Under the policy, passengers are able to claim a refund if the type of fare is eligible and has been canceled in the given time period.
  2. The bookings which are confirmed within 7 days from the departure will receive a partial refund or no refund as such.
  3. The amount of refund will depend on the rules of the fare.
  4. When customers are eligible to receive the refund, then the amount to be refunded will be transferred in 7-9 business days.

Sun Country Cancelation Policy Fee

As stated by the Sun Country Airlines cancellation policy

  • A cancellation fee of a ticket made in sixty days or more from the departure date: No fee.
  • A cancellation fee of a ticket made between 59-14 days from the departure date: $50
  • A cancellation fee of ticket brought about within 14 days from the date of departure: $100.

Sun Country Airlines Cancels flight

In case Sun Country cancels your flight, the below-stated options will be available for you:

  • Passengers can ask for a refund on their reservation.
  • Airlines offer alternative flight options etc.

Hence, the above stated are the cancellation policy on Sun Country Airlines that passengers must abide by policies before the cancellation of the flight ticket. For further guidance, you can contact the customer service team to cancel the booked flight ticket.

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