TriEagle Energy Cancellation

Do you wish to cancel TriEagle Energy and also worry about the fee for cancellation? This page is for the ones struggling with the TriEagle Energy cancellation.

TriEagle Energy operates as the leading provider, providing energy plans at reasonable rates. Using tools to track the weekly reports so that you can save some of your pence and also control the energy bills. They will assist you to select a suitable plan from the available options for green energy or electricity.

Some of the reasons that will lead you to opt TriEagle Energy as the best provider of energy:-

  • Eco-friendly with cent percent renewable energy for Texas.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Customer feedback on low energy bills.
  • Fixed reasonable rates.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Secure service and availability 24/7.
  • Online billing option.
  • Management of accounts online and through mobile.
  • Tips and tricks to utilize the Energy.

Though TriEagle Energy is at the best prices still customers do not find much suitable for some reason such as – changing to a new provider or moving to a different location or whatever reason it might be, you can cancel the service on TriEagle Energy.

How do I cancel TriEagle Energy?

If such questions flicker in your mind then this is the page you need to go through.

The energy rates may vary depending on the availability and demand of customers. The plans are scheduled to minimize the fluctuation. This rate includes Fixed, Variable, Prepaid Block, and Index plans. 

  • Fixed Rate:- Here the rate is constant and locked in via contract. The rates do not change keeping your rates budget-friendly.
  • Variable Rate:- The rate here is specified on the current energy of the market. You need to pay higher when demand is high with low production but if the energy is more you will be charged low rates. This type of plan falls under high risk as you do not know when you will be charged at high rates.
  • Prepaid Plan:- You can track the amount of energy used. Deposit the money and the provider will adjust the amount as per the energy utilized. No contract is needed to utilize the prepaid plan.
  • Block and Index plan:- A combination of fixed as well as variable plan rates. If you are utilizing it for commercial purposes you are sure to acquire great flexibility on the plan subscribed. 

When you fully confirm that you want to opt out of the TriEagle Energy services you need to request for cancellation in the following ways.

  1. Reach out to TriEagle Energy headquarters at:- 6555 Sierra Drive Irving TX, 75039
  2. Dial 877-933-2453 to get assistance from the customer support team.
  3. If you wish to pay then call -866-569-3776.
  4. Write to TriEagle Energy for requesting the cancellation at:-
  5. Use the website and make the cancellation request.

Cancelling TriEagle Energy Online 

  1. Fill out a form by visiting
  2. Go to the Cancel Service option by clicking on it.
  3. Next, fill out the form to opt out of the current service.
  4. Enter Customer Name, Service Address, City, State, ZIP, Account, Date of Cancellation, and Cancellation Reason. Send the billing to the address.
  5. Lastly, tap Submit Cancellation.

Can I cancel TriEagle Energy on the Phone

Yes, calling customer service on phone will cancel the service.

Follow the instructions given below:-

  1. The ring at -866-434-2314.
  2. Request the representative to assist you with the cancellation procedure.
  3. You need to provide the account and customer details when asked.
  4. Ask them to cancel the service and the automated payments.
  5. A confirmation email will be delivered to you upon completing the cancellation.

TriEagle Energy Cancellation Fee

You need to make a deposit to initiate the services at TriEagle Energy. The amount to be deposited is determined by the credit check.

If you select a Variable plan then no charges will be included on cancellation of the current plan. But in the Fixed Plan rate, you might be charged $20.00 multiplied by the months remaining on the contract on canceling the contract in advance. If you show proof that you are moving to a new location, no charges will be added to your list.


Hope, you will be now able to cancel the services at TriEagle Energy. Check for the Plan rates and pick as per your requirement.

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