Westar Energy Cancel Service

If you do not wish to remain in the contract at Westar Energy then you can cancel the services at any point in time. Here in this blog, we will be looking forward to the Westar Energy Service cancellation.

Westar Energy is the high technology international industry investing in Renewable Energy Solutions to have a greener future.

KCP&L and Westar decided to merge as equivalents and administer customers as a single company. After researching Evergy came into existence consulting employees and customers. Combining the two terms Ever and Energy became Evergy. The operations continue as KCP&L and Westar Energy so that they can ensure some time to create a smooth transition to the new name. Expenses of upgrading to a new name were borne by shareholders without affecting customers’ prices.

The site Evergy.com is accessible in order to get information about the company and access the security of the account. The bills, correspondence, and processing of payments will appear as Evergy for consumers. Updates on services and other relative information will appear to people via social sites: @evergypower on Twitter and Facebook.

The former service name Westar Energy is now known as Evergy Kansas Central.

How to cancel Westar Energy Services 

When you made up your mind to cancel the power services on Westar Energy you can eliminate the service following the below steps:

  1. Dial -888-471-5275 to get in touch with customer service. 
  2. Request one of the representatives to assist you with your issue. 
  3. Give them your account information and also other relevant details relating to your account.
  4. Make a cancellation request and also cancel the payments recurring.
  5. You will receive an email confirming the cancellation of the service.

Check for the deadline when the contract is to end so that you do not end up paying extra fees for cancellation.

High West Energy Cancel Service 

Canceling of High West Energy Service can be done by calling customer support for assistance.

  1. Dial -888-834-1657 a toll-free number 
  2. You can also ring:- 833-619-0867 to talk to a computer bot and request for canceling the service.
  3. Use Fax -307-245-9292.
  4. Send an Email by filling up a form online available on the High West Energy site.
  5. Deliver mail to the address: CHEYENNE SERVICE CENTER 3302 I-80 Service Road Cheyenne, WY 82009

Hope, readers will be able to cancel the power services by contacting customer service.

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