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If you are thinking of canceling CPS Energy then here we are with the information to eliminate the services.

CPS is operating to ensure delivering core assignments deliver reliable, competitively priced, and endurable energy benefits in an unbiased manner. An additional 115 Megawatts is enough to power about 23,000 different homes or some variety of homes and businesses will be required each year to maintain up with the growth.

Today on flipping the light switch, plugging in a computer, or enjoying a movie with family, the power behind the wall is coming from one of four main sources. Natural Gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables which are solar, wind, and landfill gas energy, provide safe and affordable electric and natural gas service to customers in the area of Great San Antonio.

How to cancel CPS Energy 

CPS Energy cancellation is possible when you are moving out to a new area or do not find the service suitable. The steps involved to cancel CPS energy service are as follows:

  1. Reach customer care on the phone -at 210-353-2222.
  2. Wait for the call to answer by any of the executives.
  3. You need to furnish your account details in order to make it easier for the rep to get through the details.
  4. Mention all the details related to the account.
  5. Ask them to cancel the service.
  6. You need to wait to receive the confirmation email that states canceling of the service are completed.

In case you are required to transfer the service, make sure to create an account online, and transferring will be processed in no time.

As a military, if you are moving to San Antonio then there is a waiver to your fee deposit.

When do you need to cancel CPS Energy?

  • Customers can request CPS to eliminate services and CPS has two working days from the receipt date to make a cancellation request.
  • If you are not moving from the service area and enjoying the service, the customer is responsible as mentioned by CPS failing to pay the final payment.
  • If the customer is moving to a location where CPS Energy is abundant. Transfer notice will be provided by furnishing notice of cancellation.
  • The current service will be canceled, building the customer with a new service available in the new area. The customer needs to provide notice for canceling the current service while moving to a new place and CPS Energy cancels the service. After that, the customer needs to establish a new connection at a new location.
  •  If the CPS Energy service is not accessible in the new area, you will be provided with a notice for canceling the contract.

Customers with CPS Services can pay their bills online by Signing up to Manage My Account. A fee of $2.35 will be charged for a one-time online payment. When you wish to cancel you can ring the number provided and receive assistance. Make sure to check before canceling whether you are under a service agreement or else you can end up paying extra bucks.

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