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When you do not want to continue with 4Change Energy services you can cancel the service. But does 4change Energy charge you for moving and canceling? If such questions haunt you after you made up your mind to opt out of the service then you clicked on the correct page.

A brief on 4change Energy: A retail provider for electricity serving consumers in unregulated Texas areas, also known as REP. Here you can have different plans like fixed, variable and green energy plan options. The rates are low having numerous plan options and munificent offerings. You can take up a monthly plan or a 3-year agreement as 4change Energy have options under the electric firm.

The services offered by 4Change Energy:-

  • Fixed and Variable plan
  • Energy usage is free for some plans
  • Credit on Bill for using high electricity

Rates on 4Change Energy:-

Fixed and Variable plans are available for customers who are interested in coming in contact with the services at 4Change Energy.

Fixed-rate: On selecting the fixed rate, a certain amount fixed will be required to pay as mentioned under the plan regardless of the fluctuations of the price. The plan has predictability for the monthly energy cost. 

Variable rate: No fixed electricity rates and varies as per fluctuations in the market. The plan is flexible as no contract is included but is risky as rates increase during the demand for energy.

How do I Cancel Energy with 4Change

The contract is noted in EFL. When you are at the contract’s end period, cancel or switch to a new service. A cancellation fee will be included if opted to cancel the service prior to the end of the term. 

In case you are moving out of a current location then provide evidence of your new address that you are moving to the new area. Here you do not require to pay a cancellation fee as per policy. But be sure to notify us 3 days prior to the date of canceling.

The obligations will come to an end when the service is disconnected by TDU. Customer obligations will also end when you fully pay the balance.

4change energy cancellation is processed by giving a call on the phone. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Dial -855-784-2426. You might require to make 2 to 3 calls in order to get in touch with any one of the representatives.
  2. Provide your details of the account and other info related to the account.
  3. Mention the reason for canceling the service.
  4. Ask to cancel the service.
  5. A confirmation email will be delivered upon cancellation of the account.

Suppose you are moving to a different location but do not want to disconnect the service, dial to reach customer service and furnish them with the new address where you want the service to be connected. 

When you wish to switch your provider on changing to a new location, select Energy Marketplace to find the latest plan. No termination fees will be included though you cancel the service early as you are able to provide the new area address you are moving in.

4Change Energy Cancellation Fees

4Change charges fees on early cancellation of the service. The cancellation policy indicates that a fee of $20 will be charged each month till the month left in the contract. If one month is left to end the term then pay $20. Yet, if 30 months remain on canceling then pay an amount of $600 as an early cancellation fee.


Going through the page, you might now be able to cancel the service or change the plan. Try contacting customer care. This option is quite lengthy but if you reach the representative then your issue will be solved with ease.

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