Atlantic Broadband cancels service 

Atlantic Broadband is the platform providing internet, TV, and telephonic services. The service operates in different states. Having the largest cable platforms in the United States but still customers wish to end their subscriptions. There are reasons such as Internet, Television, and Phone connectivity issues that lead to the end of services at Atlantic Broadband.

If you are one such user with the problem of canceling an Atlantic Broadband account, this page will help you to move out of the services with ease.

How do I cancel my Service with Atlantic Broadband? 

You can pick from the two options to eliminate the Atlantic Broadband service either in person or via phone.

Atlantic Broadband Internet cancels an account in person

Visiting the office you can opt out of the service of Atlantic Broadband. Request the staff to remove the subscription mentioning the issues faced while utilizing the services. Also, make sure to inquire about the confirmation in writing so that if you are still in a subscription after request for cancellation then this confirmation message will act as proof.

Once canceled you can no longer enjoy the internet services.

Atlantic Broadband cancellation on the Phone 

Talking to the customer executive will help you to cancel Atlantic Broadband. Dial -888-536-9600, in case you do not find offices in the neighborhood then calling the customer team, is the best option to interact with them requesting cancellation.

  • When a call is answered, ask the team to cancel the services because you are facing issues with the connection.
  • The reason should be mentioned clearly and need to be strong enough that convinces the executive to end the subscription.
  • Request to provide a confirmation message.

The waiting might be longer than usual as no option is available to ask for the cancellation of Atlantic Broadband service online.

Atlantic Broadband Cancellation Fee

Atlantic Broadband account service cancellation arrives with a fee. If canceled the promotional subscription within the period of commitment.

Read the policies and offers when you decide to start the subscription. Sometimes, calling on the phone can be a problem because the line might be busy failing to answer the call. This will lead to a charge for the Atlantic Broadband for another month.

Can you Cancel Atlantic Broadband Online? 

No, there is no option of canceling Atlantic Broadband service online.


Hoping, this guide helps you to move out of the unwanted services of Atlantic Broadband. It does not offer services anymore, changing to Breezeline which is more reliable.

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