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TalkTalk has numerous packages to fit any household, offering standard fibre, broadband and fibre deals, landline and Television options. Here the packages are not at reasonable rates compared to other Broadband. If you wish to cancel TalkTalk Broadband then this page is just for you. We will guide you to cancel the package and also state the fee if any cancellation fee is included during the process.

How to cancel my TalkTalk Broadband Account

Currently utilizing the broadband but now you do not wish to continue the subscription. If you want cancellation of the TalkTalk Broadband contract, this might create some issues at some point. If cancelling the contract or switching to a different provider, go through the page till the end to get queries clarified.

You need to keep in mind before moving to cancel the contract:-

  • The first thing check if the contract is at its end period
  • Select a new package before terminating the previous one.

Check the period of the Contract:-

Reach TalkTalk and inquire about the contract status of Broadband before proceeding to cancel the service. The period of the contract might be for 12, 18 or 24 months. Also, be ready with a fee for cancellation if terminating the contract early.

Search for the New Broadband:-

You need to select a new provider before terminating the previous service. Just when the subscription ends you will be entering a new Broadband to enjoy internet services.

How do I cancel TalkTalk TV? 

If you subscribed to TalkTalk Broadband then TalkTalk TV will be accessed by those customers. The cost £4 is charged as a monthly subscription added along with the bill. If paying extra each time is troublesome without using it then cancelling TalkTalk is the better option. 

Calling customer care can remove the package or make changes to the current subscription.

  1. Dial -0345-172-0088.
  2. Request the Customer Loyalty Team to assist with the cancellation process.
  3. Give the details of the account and also the registered phone number.
  4. Ask the agent to eliminate the TV from the package.
  5. You need to return the items to the TalkTalk company using the prepaid package option.

How do I cancel my Talktalk Mobile Contract?

If you want to terminate the TalkTalk Mobile service, there are three strategies to cancel TalkTalk. Cancelling the contract will receive a new number or current number. The number will be disconnected and closing this account.

i) Cancelling TalkTalk keeping the Phone Number:-

If you wish to switch providers, make sure to have a PAC that transfers the number with ease. After completely transferring, then the account will be terminated producing the final bill.

  • Request PAC through mobile, Send PAC to 65075.
  • In order to cancel TalkTalk Broadband online, initiate PAC, by clicking and logging in following the instructions within the My Account option.
  • You need to pay the fees if you cancel the contract in the middle of the period. 

ii) Switching from TalkTalk Broadband after cancellation:-

On switching to a new provider and dropping the TalkTalk number a code STAC needs to be generated. Give the code to the new subscriber instructing them to disconnect the service on mobile. 

  • Type STAC, in order to request STAC to 75075. 
  • TalkTalk can be removed online at TalkTalk Account.
  • Charges will be included if cancelled early.

iii) Remove TalkTalk Account:-

Concerned about removing the number and deleting the account, contact the TalkTalk customer team to cancel the TalkTalk account.

  • Dial -0800-542-8074 to connect with customer support to seek assistance with cancellation.
  • The agreement ends within a month of making a request to cancel the contract.
  • Pay a fee for ending the contract prior to the end of the subscription period.

How can I cancel TalkTalk Contract?

You need to make sure that the TalkTalk service you want to cancel considers the situations below which affect the process of cancellation:

Moving from one provider to another:

Choose the option to switch from one provider to another which utilizes Openreach Network. The services utilizing their own Network need to reach the support team at 0345 172 0046 directly.

Cancel TalkTalk Moving House

You can take the Broadband to your current address if you are moving to a different place. Pay £60 as service cost and make sure to notify about the change of address 14 days in advance before switching the address.

Cancel TalkTalk Order 

You can cancel the TalkTalk Wifi service for any reason, contact the customer executive. The customer rep will try to convince you to keep the account, so make sure to prepare to decline the requests offered. Call -0345 172 0088 to remove the TalkTalk Broadband Account.

Early cancellations will be fined a fee as per the terms and policies of the TalkTalk Contract.


What is the cancelled TalkTalk broadband period?

If you want to cancel TalkTalk without moving to a different provider, you will have 30 days to notify you about the service cancellation. If moved to another provider the switching process takes place in 14 days.

How to return TalkTalk Wi-Fi on cancelling the internet?

In case the contract comes to an end then you do not need to return the router. The routers need to be returned in 42 days or pay £50 as a penalty.

Can I keep the number on cancelling TalkTalk Mobile?

Yes, you can keep the number. You can also transfer the number to a different provider, make sure to notify the provider while signing up stating to keep the number.

Cancel of TalkTalk Broadband is free

If the speed of the broadband seems to be slow, you can request cancellation free of cost as TalkTalk registered with Ofcom broadband to ensure the speed status. Get in touch with the technical team and in case the issue is not resolved you can opt out of service freely.

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