How to cancel Plusnet Account

Plusnet provides fibre and standard broadband deals. Signing up for a subscription seems to be easy but in order to cancel you need to follow some instructions. This might be a hectic procedure so in this article, you will get to know how to cancel a Plusnet account.

When you decide to cancel the internet service it is mandatory to return items which can be the router or modem. Return of items should be done within the specific period or pay the fee for cancellation.

Can I cancel my Plusnet Broadband?

Yes, surely you can cancel the Plusnet Broadband services if you are subscribed to the internet services and do not wish to continue the subscription. Having different thoughts in mind while cancelling Plusnet broadband will lead to frustration. Going through the page will provide answers to your questions.

If you want to eliminate the Plusnet Account, check the contract that you are currently subscribed to. There is a need to check on the contract period so that you can avoid the fee for early cancellation. Move to another service and find a better deal with new broadband. These points are to be noted prior to the cancellation of the Plusnet Contract.

Check the Plusnet Contract

Cancelling the Plusnet Broadband early means that you are in the mid-period of the contract and have to pay the termination fee. 

You need to check the tenure of the contract so that you do not end up paying the fee for termination. Contact the customer team to learn about the deals and when to end.

Wait for the contract till the period comes to end avoiding the Plusnet cancellation fee.

Get a Better Broadband after Plusnet Cancellation

You can find better broadband after cancelling the current provider. In case you are in the process of searching for a new provider, additional fees will be incurred for setting up the procedure. You will need to wait for weeks to enter into the new service.

How do I cancel Plusnet Contract? 

Plusnet cancellation Broadband for free:

Select the new service on BT i.e. Openreach making it easier to end the broadband. If you are not under the contract then no fee will be required to pay on cancellation.

On selecting the new broadband the ISP will acknowledge Plusnet to move the line. In case you do not move to the new provider there is no such situation to use the Openreach phone line. Reach customers over the phone or send a letter to Plusnet.

Call -0808-169-2448 to get in touch with the customer executive and provide the issue you are facing.

Send a letter to Plusnet clarifying the motive to cancel. Include the name, phone number, address of the service and the account number for Plusnet Cancellation. You can get a form online to cancel Plusnet. Fill up the details that are mentioned according to the fields provided.

Cancelling Plusnet Broadband Early:

Remaining in the contract means you want to cancel the service early. You need to pay a fee while receiving the final bill for the remaining months.

Plusnet Broadband Contract Cancellation Fee

If you are still under the contract period then ready to pay the fee on cancellation.

Here are the fees calculated for cancelling the signed-up broadband and mobile contract remaining in the contract on 9th, December 2019:

  • Monthly Charges 
  • Deducting VAT on the applicable rate 
  • Lessen the fees to carry cost saved on accounts in case of early termination i.e. Wholesale Cost 
  • 1% deduction on receiving early payment 
  • Multiply the figures by the months remaining of minimum terms. Charges will be on a daily basis pro rata if any months are under the remaining minimum term.


Plusnet Broadband Cancel BT Sport

If you wish to cancel broadband make sure to notify the provider 14 days prior to the end of the services. Plusnet requires 14 days’ notice for cancellation.

How to return Plusnet Broadband on Cancellation?

If you made up your mind to end the service then you are required to return the modem or router as you are under the contract. Request Plusnet for prepaid packaging postage for free. If you are not in contract then you are not required to return the items.

Cancel the Plusnet broadband mobile for free

If the service offered in the subscription is slow you can request to cancel the services for free. Talk to the technical team if they can resolve the issue in the first case and if they fail to do so ask them to cancel the service.

How to contact the Plusnet Customer team?

Requesting for cancellation of Plusnet broadband contract can be done through call at -0800-432-0200. This process seems to be lengthy as executives’ lines might be busy and your call might not be answered in one go. When a call is answered, ask them to eliminate the service. They might try to convince you to keep you in the contract so be prepared.

There is also another option that might help you to seek help to some extent by sending message to Twitter@Plusnet.

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