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Currently using Virgin Media Broadband to enjoy better services but the result is the opposite which leaves with only one option i.e. to cancel Virgin Media. Customers subscribe for subscriptions to get access to the internet connection but they do not want to continue with the services. They might have some queries like how to cancel Virgin Media when in contract or out of contract. A good glance at the question will determine whether canceling broadband or internet services with Virgin Media is a piece of cake.

What is the policy for canceling Broadband on Virgin Media

The cancellation of Virgin Media Broadband can be done at any moment without objection from the service providers. Having a contract and being willing to cancel requires paying a fee for canceling the contract early.

When you are under Contract:-

If you wish to eliminate the contract before the end of the fixed period i.e. 18 months. The fee relies on the service you are subscribed to. The charges might be high compared to other services after executing the calculation.

When the contract period is completed:-

Changing to a new broadband or transferring to a different location or opting out from the service should be followed going through the steps below:

  1. A period of 30 days is provided to cancel Virgin Media Account. You need to notify the team about your cancellation, try calling 03454541111 to mark a request that you want to cancel the service. Provide the details of the contract.
  2. Write a letter notifying me about the cancellation of Virgin Media. Include the details related to the contract such as full name, account number, address, and phone number.

Ending the contract is easy over the call as the support team will be there to help you and state the reason for leaving the service.

How do I cancel Virgin Media Broadband UK?

There are different options to remove Virgin Media services 

  • Over the Virgin Media phone number 
  • cancel Virgin Media online 

i) Virgin Media Broadband Cancellation on Phone

If you decide to cancel Broadband services, contact the customer team on the phone and if you are moving to another address you can also ask the team to help you with the services. Reaching to the correct cancellation number will save much of your time, getting your way towards cancellation of the contract as soon as possible.

You can initiate the call and request them to cancel the services at Virgin Media. After this, your cancellation process will be processed.

ii) How to Cancel Virgin Media Online

Cancellation of Virgin Media can be done by sending a message to 07533 051809. You need to wait to get your reply from one of the executives. Once answered your request for canceling the internet services will be processed.

Virgin Media Cancellation Fee

Cancelling Virgin Media comes with a fee when you are under the period of contract. The notice will be automatically notified to Virgin Media in 30 days.

The charges will be incurred till the service comes to end.

The company estimates the charges for early cancellation depending on the months left on the contract and also the monthly charges. The charge is equivalent to the charges incurred each month i.e. Eighty Percent.

Fees for Early Cancellation 

Broadband package: M100 Fiber Broadband, pay £35.52 monthly deducting one month.

The amount to pay for Four months is £150.56, multiply 3 x £35.52 including the monthly charge £44. The charges here might not be the same for all users because different prices for different packages are included in the subscription.


How to Cancel Virgin Media Ireland?

You will have to notify the service provider within 30 days of period about the cancellation.

Write a letter to Virgin Media and send it to:-
Virgin Media,
SR43 4AA

1. Call 150 for free or ring at 0345 454 1111 to cancel your Virgin Media contract.
2. Cancel the Virgin Media Contract by sending a message to 07533 051809
3. Do not forget to mention your name, contact number, address, and account number.

Cancel Virgin Media Contract Early

Cancelling Virgin Media Broadband Early comes with a fee. The amount charged relies on the services you are in, the monthly amount of the broadband, and the remaining time left under contract.

Virgin Media Cancellation Email Address

Compose an email and send it to stating the reason to cancel broadband with Virgin Media in a period of 30 days. Receive a response if everything provided is correct and the cancellation process takes place after completing the 30 days of sending an email.

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