How to cancel Sky Tv

Sky provides TV and broadband internet services. This also includes sports, movies, shows, etc.

Subscriptions start from £25 per month for 18 months. You can select the channels as per your choice and can customize the package depending on the daily requirements.

Sky seems to offer superfast broadband having the speed to download to 59 Mbits per second. The mobile services offer £9 per mth, and with SIM the plan starts at £6 per month.

Users can easily sign up for Sky but the subscription cancellation does not seem to be very friendly. If you are one such with the issue of canceling the TV subscription or other problems like canceling Sky TV mid-contract, you are at the right platform.

There are other topics that will be related to the cancellation of Sky TV subscription such as canceling sky tv and broadband, how to cancel sky tv Ireland, and so on.

Reading through the article you will obtain information on how one can cancel a subscription to Sky TV.

How can I cancel my Sky TV Subscription? 

Cancellations for Sky TV accounts need to submit a notice within a period of 31 days. Make sure you are not under the cooling-off period of time. The canceling of the account is possible without providing any reason following the delivery, assembling, or confirmation in written form of the policy’s terms and policies.

In case you cancel the subscription after the end of the deadline then be ready to pay the fee which is for canceling the mid-contract and covering the remaining length of the contract. The contract usually is for 12 or 18 months. 

There are different options available to contact Sky customer service in order to cancel the subscription. 

  • Calling over a phone 
  • Via Email 
  • Deliver a letter

i) Sky TV cancellation Phone Number 

In order to cancel Sky TV, call the contact number -03337593022. Before proceeding to terminate the services check for the end date of the contract so that you do not end the contract in mid. Also, it’s important so that you do not end up paying extra charges.

The contact number is toll-free for Sky customers. You might be charged while calling the number as the discussion will be lengthy. The company did not want to lose its customers and sometimes customers were convinced and kept the subscription. But if you want to cancel the service you can surely go for it.

ii) Cancel my Sky TV via Email

Compose an email – Mention your user id and other details related to the account requesting to terminate the subscription.

iii) How to cancel a Sky TV account 

If you want to cancel the account send the letter to the Sky address:-

Sky Subscribers Services Ltd,
PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD.

How do I cancel Sky Tv Online?

Canceling of the Sky services can be performed online. Visit the site and get the contact form. Tap on Yes, I still need help option and press “Message Us“. You need to wait for 5 working days to get a reply from them.

In some Sky TV account services, you need to return the items that arrived with the services. Ask for a refund for the prepaid shipping label. The services offered are billed in advance and after the end of service, you will be billed in advance. In case you are one such then get a refund in 45 days.

Can I cancel Sky TV and Broadband?

For canceling Broadband a notice needs to be furnished in 14 days. But you do not need to be in a cooling-off period.

You will be required to pay the charges if you leave the mid-contract.

For switching from one service to another there is no requirement to contact the customer team at Sky. Moving to another provider like BT Ultrafast Fibre, Virgin Media, or FTTP broadband, then there is an exception to reach Sky customer service in order to eliminate Sky TV.

For Sky Mobile cancellation you need to notify the company in 31 days. Request PAC for keeping the number of STAC for do not wish to keep the account. You can gather codes by typing PAC followed by the Birth date and sending it to 65075, or STAC followed by the Birth date to 75075.

Winding up, you will be now able to cancel the subscription online, via email, over the phone, and by sending a letter to the given address. How to cancel Sky Tv Ireland: Dial 0818 762 917 to cancel the Sky TV account and broadband.

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