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Are you facing problems using Nationwide Energy Partners’ services? Finding it difficult to opt out of the services then here is the solution for the readers.

NEP or Nationwide Energy Partners offers services as the billing provider. There is no account sign-up as registering into the account is processed automatically. The bill will be mailed in 30 days. In order to make your billing process smoother and easier, the NEP community will help you to process billing. One agreeable bill is provided for all of the services. You just need to pay a single bill in a month. Here, you will be able to find different options to make monthly payments, and also digital options will be accessible to you.

There are different other modes to make payments using Nationwide Energy Partners services such as:-

  1. Creating a Resident Account to pay off the bills in a single go.
  2. Go to the website, saving time by selecting Online mode for payment.
  3. You can set up Auto Pay, signing up for payment through debit or credit cards automatically avoiding the processing fees.
  4. Dial – 614.918.2031 or 877.818.2637 then click Option 2 and pay using 24/7 automated pay.
  5. You can also mail the payment including the check along with it.
  6. Visit a Walmart store if you are a resident of the US to make payments in person.

When you do not find the services are not actually as described, you can eliminate the account. But how to proceed? Eagerly waiting for the answers to appear. Read till the end

How to Cancel Nationwide Energy Partners

Cancelling Nationwide Energy Partners is possible in the following manners

In order to cancel the service follow the steps below:-

  1. The resident support team is available for users to resolve their problems. 
  2. Give a ring at -877-818-2637 and wait for the call to answer.
  3. Once the call is answered, request for a representative to speak.
  4. Furnish all the account-related details, especially the account number.
  5. Make a request to cancel the service along with the auto debit payments. 
  6. You need to wait and after that, a confirmation email or letter will be delivered to you.

The customer support team also offers help through the web and email. They are available 24/7 to customers for assistance.

  • Write an email requesting cancellation of Nationwide Energy Partners and send it to
  • Go to the website and fill up the online form. Mention your name, email address, contact details, address, account details, Bill from NEP, and the message why you want to cancel the service. At last tap on the Submit button.


If you want to talk to the representative directly, you can dial the given number. An email will be sent to the resident support team so that within 24 hours queries will be answered. During any emergency, the team members will be informed through call, email, and text to initiate the troubleshooting procedure and equip you with updated info through the webpage.

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